Leaving My First Japanese Apartment

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My First Japanese Apartment the Day I moved in January of 2008

Being in Japan is an amazing experience and I am constantly recording videos, taking pictures, writing…something. Over the weekend, while trying to move some of my files to an external hard drive to free up some memory space, I found a video of the day I left my first Japanese Apartment. This video was recorded on February 20th, 2011, before the earthquake, before the new (but much lower paying) job. The video brings back memories of my old place, but also makes me realize that there are cool things about my current apartment, too. Take a look:

See you tomorrow,

Donald Ash

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  • devin

    Don,as a video game nerd I want your green shirt! Hey I’m about to move too…to China…as an EFL teacher! Should I start the http://www.thechinaguy.com blog? 😛

  • Donald Ash

    It’s one of my favorite shirts…it’s just so…Mario-esque 🙂
    Wow! The China Guy? I like the sound of that 😉

  • Hey Japan Guy!
    I was in Takamatsu City from August ’06 thru August ’07… There was an Aeon school just around the corner from my little private school. Your blog really brings back some great memories. In my apartment, I had the same exact tv that you had…
    Hope you’re doing well, and thanks for the cool blog. Glad I ran across this on Reddit.
    Take it easy,

    • Donald Ash

      Tim! Thanks for stopping by and showing some love. I’ve never been to Takamatsu City. Pretty cool place?

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