Is JapanesePod101 A Good System for Japanese Listening Practice?

By Donald Ash | The Japan Guy Reviews...

Are you struggling to get in some solid, Japanese listening practice? It's a problem that a lot of Japanese students struggle with. I know I do.  Today we'll take a closer look at Japanese Pod 101, one of the better systems out there for not only improving your Japanese listening comprehension skills, but your overall.  

Whether you're learning beginner Japanese, or you've been studying for a while. I think all levels can benefit from Japanesepod.  But that doesn't make it a perfect system.  In this Japanese Pod video review, we dive into all of it, good bad and other.  Let's find out if this system is worth it.

A Japanese Pod 101 Video Review -
Best Way To Improve Japanese Listening Comprehension?


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Want to hear more about my thoughts on JP101?
Check out this no-punches pulled, written review.

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Want to know more about one of the people behind Japanesepod? Don't miss this fun, in-depth interview with JP101 founder, Peter Galante!

Free JP101 Lesson Preview with me


Still not sure if Japanese Pod is for you? Let me personally walk you through a demo lesson, so you can see if it's the right fit!


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