JapanesePod 101 Lesson Demo – Is It Right For You?

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Let's do a JapanesePod 101 lesson demo, right here and right now.  If you're trying to improve your Japanese listening skills, you may have stumbled across (or heard about) JapanesePod 101 helmed by Peter Galante.  I think it's an excellent way to acquire listening (and speaking skills) at all levels. But it doesn't matter what I think.

If you're trying to get a better sense of whether or not JapanesePod 101 is the right fit for you, you're in the right place. Simply click play on the video below, and we'll dive into a lesson together (no email required):

Did You ENjoy The JapanesePOD 101
Lesson Demo?

If you need to find out more, you may want to check out the written review or video review to get a little more insight into the pros and cons of this system.  Need to hear from the founder himself? You can click the button below to go straight to an interview that I did with the founder. 

Watched the JapanesePod 101 Demo? Listen to the Interview! Click Here!

Interview With The Founder

Find out more about the real people behind JapanesePod 101.
Don't miss this fun, in-depth interview with JP101 founder,
Peter Galante!

You've done the Japanesepod101 Lesson Demo, now check out the review! Click Here!

Written Review

Want to hear more about my
true thoughts on JP101?
Check out this no-punches pulled, written review.

All done with the JapanesePod 101 Lesson Demo? Click here to check out my video review.

Video Review

Is video more your thing? 
Get the scoop on JapanesePod101: pros, cons, price, and my personal rating of the entire system.


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