Japanese Urine, Blood, Tea, Beer, Saliva, Coke, or Water-Activated Batteries?

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Koichi, thank you so much for the sending me this rather strange, but eco-friendly news.

Japanese Water-Powered, NoPoPo Batteries

The first water, blood, urine, tea, beer, saliva-powered battery that I've ever heard of.

Apparently there is a new type of battery made right here in Japan that’s making quite the splash (wish I had the three drum beats and symbol to cue a bad joke). The NoPoPo battery, which is short for No Polution Power, is an extremely innovative creation that could have a major energy implications in the future.

Okay, so the “Urine-Battery,” “Blood-Battery,” or “Beer Battery” may be slight misnomers. The battery, simply put, is designed to be powered by water!! That’s about as eco-friendly as it gets, I think. But from the looks of things, it seems as though there are an array of fluids that can be used to power this battery: beer, cola, apple juice, saliva, blood, tea and even urine (hence the name of my article). Urine!?! That’s incredible! It does sounds a bit gross, but in an emergency situation, it would incredibly useful. Imagine having this type of technology in the shelters after the March 11th earthquake hit, when water was scarce. That’s radio power, that’s flashlight power, and who knows what else?

The potential of this technology could be quite impressive if this method of energy production could be harnessed on a larger scale. They have electric powered cars, right? Charging stations have been one of the major problems in making them more widespread (we won’t mention the other, larger, reason…(Inside Donald’s brain: It’s because there’s so much associated with the oil industry)). Imagine a day when instead of going to the gas pump, you just walk out with water hose, and your electric car is all ready to go. Or the day when your car stalls on a dark, country road, and instead of calling Triple A (or JAF here in Japan) to get you jump-started. Just go to the bathroom in a special emergency container and you’re back on your way.

As of now, the NoPoPo batteries are in AA and AAA sizes. They can last up to ten years. Being that they’re water powered, lacking the dangerous chemicals that are such a big problem with your standard alkaline batteries, the NoPoPo batteries will be far easier to dispose of. The downside to the battery is that there is a limit on how many times you can refill it, but that seems like a small problem to me; you can’t recharge the regular alkaline batteries at all.

Japan never ceases to amaze me with some of technology they come up with.

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  • ^_^ This is awesome! I’m really hoping this takes hold and becomes more widespread. This is a great alternative. I’m going to have to look into this!

  • Very fascinating innovation, very well-written article. Where can a pick up a pack?

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks Patrick. I haven’t checked my local electronics store yet, so I don’t know if they carry the NoPoPo batteries. I will check soon, and comment again. But I did see them on amazon.co.jp.

  • devin

    Donald…with much due respect I hope you read this here…


    and change the name of your post.

    Water Activated is not equal to Water Powered.

    A battery is a storage device…it stores energy that has not been released yet. A normal battery also has this implicit storage of energy which if not used will drain over time. These batteries will not degrade over time and have to be “activated” and are more eco friendly but they are not water powered in any way, shape or form.

    Think of it this way. Is your own body water powered? No it is not but without water you will die faster than without food…and food is your source of energy. But without water all the chemical reactions in your body…some of which are needed to “activate” the inherent chemical reactions in your body to process the energy you intake…as food could not occur. But if I said that the water you drink provides energy would I be correct? No I would not…but it certainly is needed as a catalyst or activator.

    For even more information on why it is not possible to extract energy from H20 you can read this wiki entry:


    • Donald Ash

      Ahhhhh! You’re right, Devin, can’t really say much else. Nice save, desu 🙂

      • devin

        That’s what I’m here for. 😛 Hopefully they will bring these batteries over to North America.

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