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Although it’s a rare occurrence, you sometimes get that one Japanese person that does something rude enough to really get under your skin. I had an interesting little incident the other day while riding home from work:

I couldn’t believe it really. In a way, it’s probably better for him, that it was me, and not some other random American. I know so many people with less patience, and he would have been picking up teeth. Sigh, people who are unjustly insulting (not just to me but to anybody) really get under my skin. But, there’s no more I can do about it now. It’s time to pore over those Japanese textbooks just a little harder.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

Donald Ash

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  • Petaris

    Hi Donald,

    What happened? The video doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    Sorry to hear it wasn’t a good experience though!

    Take care,

    – Petaris

    • Donald Ash

      Ahhh! Thanks for telling me Petaris. I think the video may not have been showing for anybody. Oh no! It should be fixed now. If not here’s a link to the Youtube video:


      • Petaris

        Hi Donald,

        The video works great now. Man does that suck! I would have been pretty pissed off too. Honestly though, I’m not sure that I would have been able to debate that much in English either. When I get into a situation like that its almost like I loose the ability to speak, its just all emotion. It really sucks as there is a lot I would like to be able to say right then. Of course a few hours later I can think of a lot to say and can even put it into words but by then I am calming down and just try to let it go. I honestly don’t know if this is a good thing or not as it probably keeps me from getting into more trouble. lol 🙂

        – Petaris

  • Some people have pacemakers, things like that and cellphones can interfere w/that I heard.

    But the rules are not enforced at all.

    Perhaps the guy had some pacemaker or knows friends who do and had a bad exp?

    Hmm. Anyway, best just to avoid it all, stay outta those seats. 🙂

    I get royally peeved on the train when people very able to stand…do not and instead ignore seniors who DO need a seat. (they pretend to sleep in their seats)

    🙁 So sad.

    You should have had the comeback about japanese men stereotype:
    “most japanese men are hentai and chikans, uh, right?” :) Touche…
    yoku iu ne …like you are one to talk (we often say this of hypocrites)


    gotta learn some bad japanese. like “anta dare da to omotteiru?” who the hell do you think you are?

    “anta kuchi dake tsuyoi desune”?
    the only thing that is strong about you is your mouth (said while staring at his family jewels?” haha…i dunno. does this make sense to japanese who hear it?

    Thanks for posting. Anyway the guy is just a jerk. Lots of jerks back home……but after living in japan for so long, we get used to life w/out all the jerks.

    Trust me, go home and you’ll get reverse culture shock. people are meaner in a lot of ways.

    You just got “lucky” to sit next to a sourpuss.

    Poor man probably goes home to a wife who hates him and will divorce him the moment he retires and gets a fat pension.

    So give him the luxury of putting you down, you who have a bright life ahead of you.

    might post an experience of myself of my ONLY, ONE AND ONLY bad experience in japan. a nasty women at wendy’s w/her family……will let u know when i get around to telling the story. 🙂


    • Lazzaris

      “nani sama no tsumori?” that sounds like “what the f*ck you think you are”, in a low voice, really slowly, that according to my wife would scare any of those.

      But ”日本人の男は皆変態とチカンですよね” was the best!

  • What irritates me is how no one gives up their seat for pregnant women. My wife is pregnant and no one has ever given up their seat for her, except on the bus. But on the train, it seems like the selfish switch is turned on. Quite disappointing to see.

  • Lazzaris

    Oh man, I just wrote a HUGE text and I lost it. I m so pissed.
    This happens with me all the times, and I don’t even sit in the priority seats, sometimes people stare at me just because I am texting.
    I lost the count of how many times I offered my seat to the elders, pregnants and disabled while in the priority sit was some businessman or students on the phone, talking loudly, reading newspaper or even a kind of “laying” with wide spread legs, like a lady giving birth to a horse.
    The thing is: When is a Japanese doing wrong things, people have fear to call Their attention cos “They might have a knife”, but when is a GAINJIN, Most of the times They have no mercy and just treat us like a jackass.

  • Marisa

    Off topic but I just thought it was funny to see a big ad for interac above your face on here.

    • Donald Ash

      Really? I didn’t plan that, strange coincidence, I guess. Merry Christmas, Marisa!

  • Clive Bugle

    Yeah youre right. The few times someone has been rude to me, it seems to bother me even more than normal because I can’t respond how I would like to.

    I think Ive met about 3 rude people in my 4 years here, which isnt bad really. But this one time in a sushi bar in Tsukiji, there was this really rude woman who chain smoked while serving her sushi and muttered “gaijin” in a 2-pack-a-day voice. she even pushed my friend ron, who wasnt happy. it wasnt fun. i know what you mean about the language thing, man.

    lets study more. interesting post!

  • LanceT

    Good job holding up Don. I gotta say, your slap comment made me think of Dave Chappelle’s “what does five fingers say to the face?” skit. Glad you didn’t feel the need to re-enact it. I think, would I have been in the same situation, I would have managed it in a similar fashion as I would no doubt be wrestling with my brain to coax out the words to try and enlighten him a degree or two.

    ‘Tis the duty of the intellect to do battle with words.

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