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No this article isn’t about some hot, steamy, tryst I had on one of the train cars of the Tsukuba Express. I wish it wa…wait! Mom are you reading this? Umm…I mean…I would never even think of doing something so despicable! Hee hee hee? LOL 😀 .

I had to go to Tokyo when I visited Saint Luke’s Hospital near Tsukiji Station and on my way back I happened to notice that the entrance that I take to go home from Akihabara was missing something. Ah yes, just a couple of weeks ago there were these heart decorations adorning the TX (Tsukuba Express) entrance. You could generally see a small flock of commuters stopping to take pictures of them with their cell phones. I love how here in Japan, people can find even the simplest things so fascinating (I have to say I’m like that, too).

A close look at the (former) decorations on the entrance to the Tsukuba Express Terminal in Akihabara, Japan 2011

Some of the other passersby taking a glance

I stopped in Asakusa before going to the Blue Man Show as well, and took a picture of this dragon artwork in the station. I would definitely say that NONE of train stations in Georgia look anything like this, unless some major change happened since I’ve been gone. People don’t take a whole lot of pride in the Georgia Metro Atlanta Rail and Transit Authority (MARTA for short) trains & buses.

I don't know why, but I love pictures of dragons...especially cool ones!

I wonder what the coolest Japanese train station artwork is. There are just so many different stations with so many cool things, it’s hard for me to say. Like that stained glass window at Moriya station. It’s so cool-looking, yet Moriya isn’t what you’d call a bustling city…not at all. I would think the coolest train station decorations would be in the busier areas of Tokyo, or in Osaka, Kyoto, etc.. This may require a bit of research, but I guess I need to do a bit more traveling first.

What’s the coolest train station artwork you’ve ever seen?

Donald Ash

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  • Mmm.. I’ve never been on a train where I come from. First time was in DC and there was nothing ‘art’-esque there.. then finally like 8 years later I got to ride a subway for the first time in Toronto.. they didn’t have art either but a lot of really really neat posters. I remember one of Lisa Loeb, who like no one in the states remembers.

    The one thing I do remember is there was a saxophone player who played 80’s music and took a request probably something super cheesy like wake me up before you go, from me and I sang with him in the subway while he played. Yeah no I’m not kidding on that one. -facepalm-

    • Donald Ash

      I think maybe it’s pretty similar in much of the U.S.. The train stations just aren’t taken care of as well. When I visited Boston, though, I remember the train station being a lot nicer than I was expecting it to be.

      The saxaphone player sounds pretty cool, though, LOL. You wanna see some funny 80’s saxaphone playing? Check out this link LOL: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sergio+flores&aq=f

      • Oh my goodness! I love this guy! One of my friends showed me his videos before. It always cracks me up. That song is awesome anyway! -grins-

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