Japanese Job Situation: Feeling Just a Tad Nervous

By Donnie | Articles

Okay, so I’ve sent out over twenty different job applications to over twelve different companies: Interac, Iware, Global Partners, Inc., Model Language Studio, Kohgakusha, Sagan Speak, Korakuen English Center, Heart English, Spike and Ai English, Kids International, and Tsuchiura Nihon University. I have really tried to make my applications stand out, and I kinda wish I hadn’t done the sit-down with Interac about the Moriya position. It turns out my co-worker, Marisa from the Summer Sonic post, reference (we had the same one) received a call on her behalf, to confirm that she worked at AEON. Interac told Marisa that they would contact her in three weeks about positions, but honestly, I haven’t heard anything from Interac after turning down the Moriya position. I can’t mope about it, though, because there’s no time for that. I know I have until late March to find a position, but I don’t want it to come down to the wire, I really want to be able to find my position relax for a few weeks. I am getting just a little antsy. I’ve started considering all options and alternatives. The worst case scenario is that I won’t be able to find a job (not from a lack of effort, either). What will I do then? I know several foreigners who had to “hard time” it for a bit before coming into their current positions. I guess I would have to do the same. I think I’m going to start sending part-time applications next week. If it comes down to that, as long as I can pay my rent, I’ll figure out the rest.

Did I ever tell you that I used to be an eBay Powerseller? It’s like those skills have been dormant for the last few years. If need be, I may have to re-open shop and do that in conjunction with the part time job. This will be enough to pay my bills, rent, eat, and do karate. I won’t have much extra for anything else, but I’ve been there before…I can hack it.

Best case scenario: these companies think I’m such an amazing applicant that they’re trying to select a premium opportunity just for little old me, I highly doubt this scenario, though…

I’ll figure this out because I don’t have a choice. If I’m going to be staying in Japan, which I am, I’m going to have to either find a job or figure out an alternative to earn money…and soon. I have enough resources to last me about two months if I want to live comfortably, three months if I stretch a little, and four months if I’m super-thrifty (which I can be). Inner voice: “Breathe, Donald, you’ve been in tougher situations than this, you’ll work your way out of this one, too.”

Pulling out all the stops,

Donald Ash

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  • Ryan McGuinness

    Best of luck! If worst comes to worst try applying for job as a host! Or a gaijin bar! Haha, if you put the same effort in at work than you do on here; you should land a job no problem. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Thanks again for another truthful article.

    • Donald Ash

      I’m glad you have some faith in me, Ryan. If I could land one of those jobs, it’d be pretty funny, but pretty sweet at the same time. I know things are going to work out, but the timing is making me just a little bit antsy.

  • These things always work out in the end. I’m sure something will present itself in time. I’ve been in a similar situation on a few occasions (I’ll most likely be in a pinch in a few months too.) and as the deadline approached, my adrenaline kicked in, motivation shot up and the pieces fell into place.

    Best of luck Donald!

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks for the encouraging words, Hiroki. I hope the pieces fall into place for me soon. In the mean time I’ll keep looking.

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