Japanese Electricity Bill Blues (JEBB)

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Dum dee dum dum dum. Donald gets home from work, it was a standard, nothing too surprising, no major issues at school that he couldn’t handle. He opens the his mailbox to find a couple of bills inside. “No worries, just one of those costs to take care of I guess.”

Crinkle, crinkle, rip. Donald opens the envelope from TEPCO. His eyes scan quickly to the right side of the bill to see the amount due. His glance comes to a dead stop, his eyes widen, his brow furrows, and sweat begins to bead on his brow. Being that it’s the thick of winter, the sweat probably isn’t coming from any heat source, but the gamma energy, once again, boiling and bubbling in his blood. He can’t control it…there is a cracking sound reverberating in his head and in his chest. His skull is expanding his ribcage begins to spread. The thumbnail just underneath the amount due begins to split and his skin begins to take on a greenish hue. Uh oh…it’s the INCREDIBLE BULK*!

Within seconds, the apartment…no, the apartment building is utterly destroyed as a booming voice bellows in the night “BULK NO LIKE JAPAN ELECTRIC BILL!!”.

(Black man + Hulk = Bulk)

I guess turning into the Bulk and destroying things would probably leave me with more expenses to pay. So if you have gamma energy in your blood, please try not to do that.

Seriously, though, I was floored by my recent electricity bill (electricity and gas are actually coupled together). My electricity bill came out to be 14,789 円.

For some of you that aren’t in Japan, that may be hard to get a gauge on so I thought I’d show last month’s stub to do an apples to apples comparison. If you look at last month’s bill, it only came out to 6,091 円.

That's a bit more of what I'm used to.

That means that this month’s cost was nearly double what it was last month!

What happened? Why was my bill so high? Electricity bills don’t just increase for no reason, do they?

Yes, you’re right. Truth be told, I’ve been using heat like it’s going out of style. This apartment gets a whole heck of a lot colder than my last one did. Couple that with a weaker heating unit, and you have the conditions for electricity bill armageddon. I have space heater in my bedroom and another one in my bathroom. I don’t leave them on all night or when I’m away from home, but when I’m there, I used them. I have overloaded my circuit breaker several times (using all heaters and my hot water simultaneously).

It’s an easy fix I, but it sucks to know that you have to dish out more money during a month where your pay is already slightly reduced (because of winter break). This is why I’m glad I landed some modeling gigs near the end of the year, because it really keeps me out of a bind.

I guess I won’t be using my heater nearly as much this winter. So if you see me posting any Japan Guy videos in a coat and jacket, you’ll know exactly why 😉 .

Please Watch out for my good friend JEBB (Japanese Electricity Bill Blues), guys, or he’ll creep up on you like a State Trooper on the South Georgia freeway.

See you next time,

Donald Ash

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  • Allan

    I heard that electricity and gas …and water are all very exspensive in Japan, is this true.

    On a side note, you posted ALOT more blog posts today, I gotta get reading 😀

  • Marisa

    We always use a yutampo at night… and turn off the heat…

  • Shitty! It is so freaking cold right now. I’m sure my big energy bill is coming soon. Here are my tips for cutting down on your bill:

    -kerosene heater. Seriously, stop denying it. These things are where it’s at.
    -kotatsu. you don’t need the room so hot when you are cuddled up under one of these.
    -timers. I have my toilet seat warmer and bathroom space heater on plug-in timers so that they are only on when I am generally home/awake. For the bathroom one, I use it to heat up the room before I wake up.
    -mat. Warm feet = warm body

  • ummm….donald…ur address is showing. 🙂

    unless u want some stalkers……..mmmmmm haha….

    yeah…i used to have a place that was freeeezing!

    we live in a well-insulated place now.

    again, offer for dinner still there. our place is warm. 😛


  • Pirrip

    Being from Georgia myself, I appreciate the state trooper joke.

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