The Japanese Sushi Knowledge Quiz

By Donald Ash | Japanese Cuisine

When you think of Japanese cuisine what food comes to mind? For many people, it’s sushi. What is sushi exactly? Sushi in its most basic form is a usually* cut of raw, hopefully fresh, fish laid on a small bed vinegared rice. Sushi can also be a small cut of raw fish wrapped into a rice/seaweed roll.
*Not all sushi has to be fish 🙂

There are sushi styles that are unique to Japan and ones that are unique to the U.S.. Though the styles can be different both can extremely delicious. In the U.S. I’ve tried California rolls and other specialty rolls that take the sushi concept and really gets creative with it. Often the mix and balance of flavors you get in a good sushi roll can satisfy a Japanese food craving in a major way.

Sushi here in Japan, in my humble opinion, is tasty for an entirely different reason. While some of the rolls do an amazing job of mixing flavors, which can sometimes cater a bit more to a Western palate, you often diminish the taste of the fish.

I think Japan specializes in keeping things deliciously simple. Simple sushi with a perfect cut of fresh fish. Also…it’s the rice! Call me crazy, but when it comes to sushi, Japanese rice flat out tastes better. Yes, you may think I’m losing it because “Rice doesn’t really have a flavor.” I’m not sure if it’s the consistency, texture, or the flavor, but something’s different. And for some reason Japanese rice is better suited for sushi.

Sure they have the simpler styles of sushi in the U.S. too, but I think Japan has the original sushi-making game locked up tight. Sooooo freakin’ good!

Time to test your Sushi Knowledge…

Japanese Sushi Knowledge Quiz

Here is a picture of some standard types of Japanese sushi. Each are labeled 1-9. Please write, or guess, the names of the different sushi types. You get bonus points if you know the Japanese names 😉

Japanese Sushi Knowledge Quiz

How Many of These Sushi Types Do You Know?

Leave your answers in the comments section below. If there are some you don’t know, don’t worry about it. Let’s see how many you can guess! Answers will post later this week. ENJOY & GOOD LUCK! 😀


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  • Jose says:

    1. meguro – 3. sake 4. unagi – 7. ebi 9- ginger. Please share the answers 🙂

  • Nelson says:

    1. maguro 2. ? I always just eat it but don’t know what it is called 3. Salmon 4. Unagi 5. ? edible but ? 6. uni 7. ebi 8. tako 9. ginger

  • John Begod says:

    Interesting! Also i discovered the way sushi are supposed to be eaten. not that obvious :O

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