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Have you seen one of these before?

This is the postcard that you get from the immigration office notifying you that they’ve finished processing your request. In this case, my request was a visa change. Moving from an eikaiwa (English language school) to a shougakko (Japanese public elementary school) meant that I had to apply for a change of visa status: from a specialist in humanities visa to an instructor visa.

I now have to go back to the immigration office (I’ll go tomorrow actually), buy a 4000 yen revenue stamp, and have my passport in to be updated. It should be pretty painless.

From my experience, status changes and renewals always take time to finish. The paper your receive after filling out this post card on your first visit states that it can take up to 30 days to process and if you don’t hear anything by then, contact the Immigration Bureau. But for me, the general wait time has been about two weeks.

Now with re-entry stamps, there is no waiting involved (although getting it done sooner is safer) and you should be able to get a re-entry stamp the same day, that is of course there’s a special situation (i.e.- A mass exodus of foreigners due to a natural disaster)…but even then you should still be okay.

So if you’re trying to renew or update your visa, you’ll definitely be seeing one of these. Remember that that there should be a central immigration office for your prefecture or you can go to the one in Shinagawa (that one’s closer for me, anyway).

Good luck,

Donald Ash

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  • john

    hi, im angelo.. id like to ask you some questions regarding ur change of visa.. im currently working for an eikaiwa school but at the same time for th BOE in Hino City Tokyo as an ALT.. my visa is currently SHIS, and the BOE just told me that they will give me 4 schools to handle next school year so i wll be busier and might stop working fir the eikaiwa school.. do i need to change my status of residence to instructor visa? and by the way, it will expire on Jan19,2013 so i need to mive quickly.. please tell me the requirements you submitted to the immigration.. thanks

    • Donald Ash

      OHMYGOSH!! :O

      I’m just getting to this message. I am soooo very sorry. When I changed, the company I was working for gave me all of the forms I needed. I just gave them my basic info and they provided me with the Visa Status Change paperwork.

      Hmm, when you stop working for the eikaiwa, if you become a full-time teacher for the BOE, I would imagine that’s when you have to change your visa. It’s hard to say because every part-time situation is a little different. Some companies keep you on the same visa, while others want you to change. Full-time work though, I think it’s necessary to have the “right” type visa. Usually eikaiwas are “Specialist in Humanities” while public school and college professors have the “Intstructor” status. I SINCERELY hope everything worked out.

  • jam

    Very Informative
    After how many days of receiving postcard, Can I go to the
    immigration bureau.

    Suppose I go to immigration bureau after 80 days of receiving postcard, is it possible

    Thanks in advance

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