Japan Guy Silliness Featured on the Bone Facebook Fan Page

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Sometimes you don’t realize the effects of something until after you do it. I made this video and post called My Japanese Pocket Ninja back in December of 2010. It was about my Bone (name of the company), Ninja USB drive. No, I’m not talking about the old rap group (whatever happened to Bone…they were the shiznit back in the day?), there’s no way I could end up on their fan page as unless it was strictly as a fan (because I have absolutely zero rap skills). Anyway, the video didn’t really get all that much attention, similar to many of my YouTube videos (just being honest…but I make them because I like making them). I had totally forgotten about it, until today anyway. Reason being, I got an email from the Bone company saying that the Bone ninja would like to thank me personally. It was really a cool feeling. Thanks you to the staff at Bone for making such a cool item. Please check out the video above (please excuse the utter silliness).

Donald Ash

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  • Q

    dude, whats the point of it being a magnet?? also, would it make me a racist if i said i wasn’t surprised to know that you can beatbox?? im not jealous thou. i can robot dance.

    • Donald Ash

      Sigh…oh Q, lol. What’s the point of Spiderman having webs? Why does Wolverine have claws? The magnets just make the ninja that much more prepared to the protect your files and take on bad guys.
      I can’t beatbox very well, though.

      • Q

        i mean, i thought computer + magnets = big no no but i guess those magnets arent strong enough to mess up the hard drive?
        hmmmm fridge climbing ninja…

        • Donald Ash

          I hope they’re not strong enough to do that, because I’m in trouble then 😮

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