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This is going to be a first at the Japan Guy. I have actually decided to retire two videos to make way for something that’s going to be far more useful. I don’t know how many of you saw the “10 Reasons to Sign Up for the Japan Guy Newsletter” video, but I have decided to remove it from it’s long-standing spot in the side bar 🙁 .

I am still working hard behind the scenes and I’ve been putting in some major time to find out how to make this site more than what is now: more informative, more entertaining, more intriguing, more useful, and more engaging. Within the next 20 days (maybe even sooner…so please stay tuned), I plan to finally show you guys what I’ve been working on. I just hope that you like it and find it useful…I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t just a little nervous. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I am trying the Japan Guy something that I can be proud of but more importantly, something that people will enjoy and find useful.

In the mean time, I have a some catching up to do. I have articles that have been sitting on my computer, just begging to be posted. Please be sure to check any missed days, because I do intend to fill every single gap, every single missing day.

Also, if you had any desire to see what my 2nd Japanese apartment looks like, please make sure to sign up for the Japan Guy Newsletter, because I will be taking down that video, for good, in the next two weeks. The Ten Reasons video…sigh…I hate to throw it away, because I was in a rare, silly mood. With that one, I guess I’ll put that video into this post, that way, it won’t completely disappear, it’ll just fade gracefully into the Japan Guy archives.

See you tomorrow.


Donald Ash

The Japan Guy Ten Reasons Video

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  • Panos

    Hello,Don! Is all well for you?I was intrigued today to read your posts about the relationship with your students as i study history and i always had the dream to teach…anyway,to get to the point, i grabbed one of your phrases above about your 2nd appartment. It was really the best and i think you should publish it at your channel.

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks Panos! I guess if enough people really want to see it, I will do that. What subject are you interested in teaching?

      • Panos

        I love history and i would really like to be able to make kids learn to think beyond what they see,to compare and contrast what happened in the past to what happens today. I am also a poetry lover, allthough i think poems lose their magic when someone tries too hard to analyze them. Language teaching,in terms of grammar,spelling and essay writing,like your kind of teaching i guess, are also appealing to me!So keep rocking for these kids!

  • Petaris

    Hi Donald,

    I enjoy reading your articles but one thing I have noticed is that you must start articles on the back-end and save them to edit/finish them later. However it appears that when you post them they are ordered by when you must have first created them so they aren’t necessarily on the front page or perhaps event the second page. Is there someway you could have your posts ordered by publish date instead of creation date? Or list them somewhere when you post them so your readers can easily find them?

    I just found this post but it was far down on your second page. Its unfortunate as I like to read all of your posts but the new ones aren’t always easy to find.

    – Petairs

    • Donald Ash

      Whoa! Great idea, Petaris. I’ll try to do a better job of linking articles together to make things easier to access. Thank you for the honest feedback. It helps me out more than you know!

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