It’s Time to Go Back to Kyokushin Karate After a Long Layoff

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Whenever I see Kamoshida Shihan standing at the front of the dojo, I know class is going to be tough. Kamoshida Shihan is the head honcho of Kyokushin schools in the Ibaraki area. Apparently he was all kinds of talented in his heyday I think he’s in his fifties now, but he’s still got skills. The classes he teaches can be grueling, but that’s exactly what I want and need right now. I don’t know what it is with me and having perfect timing, but on Saturday, April 2nd I decided to go back to my Kyokushin Karate class after having been absent for months. The day I went back was a special conditioning class no less…GULP!

Part of the reason I decided to go back to class, was to get myself back in shape after finding out during my physical on my third day of ALT training that I had ballooned to 103kg/227 pounds. This is nearly the heaviest I’ve ever been (230 was my max)!! You know how some people say “I don’t know how this happened.” But in my case I know exactly what happened. I stopped going to gym even before the earthquake occurred. Post earthquake, I allowed the gym being closed to serve as a crutch. In the meantime I was eating every type of junk food you can imagine and just blogging…little to no exercise… The other reason is that if I really want to get my kuroobi,くろおび/ 黒帯/or black belt, and be a good one at that, I’m gonna have to put my time and effort into it.

**Around this time last year I was about 94 kilograms. Just to translate that into pounds 1 kg = 2.2046 pounds. So if you multiply 10 (# of kilos gained) x 2.2046 pounds, that means I’ve gained just over 22 pounds…COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!**

Class started with over 250 squats and that was really made me think “This is just the beginning?!? It’s gonna be a long night.” We did drill/exercise after exercise. My memories from that night were a blur. I have flashes of doing situps while punching ourselves in the stomach, shadowboxing, push-ups, push-up lunges, etc. By the end of class I was winded, sweating, and smiling. I was smiling because in my mind I succeeded. I managed not to yak on Kamoshida Shihan’s dojo floor, and I completed class without passing out. It’s a start…

It’s time to wean myself off of the chocolate, ice cream, sugar, and fat that’s making me a bit sloppy. It’s time for a dose of healthy vegetables, fruits, lean protein, good carbs, and some serious training. I hear some Japanese women say that having a little bit of pudge is cute, but screw that…not for me.

Maybe a good kick in the pants or in the head will get me back on the straight and narrow.

Donald Ash

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  • Kim in Oklahoma

    Best wishes with this! I look forward to hearing your progress!

    (I found you while looking at your videos of the kyokushin tournament on youtube.)


    • Donald Ash

      Thank you Kim. I’m working on it, but it’s definitely not easy, because I’m still trying to learn Japanese.

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