Is There An English-Speaking Doctor in the House?

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Ahh, the AEON days. That's Dr. Kinoshita in the green sweater on the left. Coolest Japanese doctor you'll ever meet.

I’m not exactly sure why, but my left knee has been giving me no end of trouble. It’s a consistent, day in and day out pain. When my leg is extended and at rest, I don’t have any pain, but when I extend the leg using my quadriceps (like a leg extension)…OUCH! When I try to stand from a seated position…ouch!! When I walk…ouch! I tried waiting things out just to see if anything improved, but after weeks and weeks of the same annoying pain, I went to see a doctor. The diagnosis, inflammation.

The doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory pill that I was to take daily. I don’ understand why Japanese medicines seem a little bit weaker than the American ones, but they do. I followed that doctor’s orders and even stopped during exercise all together. Time passed and more time passed and I was still having the exact same pain. I decided to check out a different clinic. There a local orthopedic specialist who, oddly enough, used to be one of my students at AEON. When I was teaching, he was taking the most advanced class my school had to offer. It was quite comforting to visit his office because a) I haven’t seen him in a long time) and b) he has good English.

Instead of just telling me it was inflammation, Hiroaki did a thorough check of the area. I took x-rays which showed a slight abnormality in the knee. As he wanted to find out more, Hiroaki suggested that I get an MRI done.

I scheduled an MRI exam and afterwards, Hiroaki discussed the results. His final diagnosis ended up being a possible case of tendonitis. It’s good news because it let’s me know that I’m not crazy…something was wrong with my knee. On the other hand it’s bad news because sometimes tendonitis takes time to heal, which makes working out very hard to do.

For any American-speaking foreigners out there, I don’t know if you’ll ever be in Tsukuba, but if you’re having leg, hip, or some other kind of orthopedic problem, you may want to try going to the Tsukuba University of Technology Medical Center. Dr. Kinoshita is an awesome doctor and a good guy who happens to speak English:

Tsukuba University of Technology Medical Center
Kasuga 4-12-7
Tsukuba, Ibaraki


Thanks Hiroaki,

Donald Ash

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