Is it Easy to Exchange Money at Narita Airport?

By Donnie | Articles

On this trip home, I packed in a hurry, transferred money via GoLloyds in a hurry and the put a little cash in my pocket…in a hurry. Come to think of it, I did everything in a hurry.

After checking in my bags I going through the initial security check I panicked a little, because I wondered if I missed my chance to change my yen into dollars. Luckily on my walk to my flight gate I found a hard to miss “ “sign and it was nice and easy from there. An attendant asked me, in English, how much yen I wanted to change into dollars and I exchanged 15,000 yen. The rate was 84.43 yen to every dollar and I was loving it. That’s one great thing about living in Japan right now, the yen is really strong, so when you go to the U.S. you get more value out of your money. Soon after exchanging all of the yen I had in my pocket I started to thing if that was another bonehead move, how was I supposed to eat during the few hours I had before the first flight. The good news is, that every restaurant/shop in Narita (at least those ones beyond the security gates) take both yen and dollars. the only drawback is that if you pay in dollars, instead of getting back dollars and cents as your change, you get back dollars and yen. It’s still pretty convenient though, if you ask me.

A currency exchange receipt. The rate was 84.43 yen for every dollar...NICE!

Good luck,

Donald Ash

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  • you are LUCKY! almost 4 years ago it was like 1 dollar = 120yen or something insane like that. now it is the opposite… 1 dollar = 80 yen

    • Donald Ash

      I agree. Can you say shopping spree? LOL! I’ll try to be conservative, but when the rate’s that good…it’s a hard thing to do.

  • BTW, airport has lousy rates. if you are not in a hurry next time, try the local bank. 🙂

    • Donald Ash

      Will do, Vivian! Thanks for the tip.

  • will it be possible to change my RMB into USD at Narita Airport

    • Donald Ash

      I’ve honestly never tried exchanging Chinese Renminbi at Narita Airport (only US Dollars), so I can’t say for certain. However, there are a several currency exchange kiosks there that exchange many types of world currencies. You should be able to exchange your RMB at Nartia.