If You Got Into A Street Fight Which Japanese Video Game Character Would You Want With You?

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The Donnie Punch + Sephiroth's Meteor Magic & Sword= UNSTOPPABLE!

Why this question popped into my mind, I can’t really say, but I can say that it’s an interesting argument. I was planning on posting this during Tanabata when I was feeling a bit silly, but Tanabata was something I missed the chance to write about last year and didn’t want to pass it up this time around.

But, I couldn’t let this post go drifting away into the recesses of my memory either. Being that summer vacation starts VERY soon, I’m in a bit of a silly mood again, so please forgive the random topic (it should be fun though).

If I got into a street fight, which video game character would I want with me?

Oh, man, this is a pretty tough one. There are so many characters to choose from: should I take Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2 because he could just stretch his arms and knock the guys out before we get there? Should I take Megaman (Rockman in Japanese) because he has so many cool weapons? Not likely because, just my luck, he’ll have the bubble cannon on the day when we get into trouble. I’m going to say I want to take Sephiroth with me, number one, his sword is custom made for taking out a slew of baddies with a, single slice. Second, Sephiroth doesn’t seem like the type to take to kindly to lip. When those gang members start talking trash…BANG!…a meteor falls from the sky to crush them. Easy.

*You can even choose bad guys!

We can’t bring up one half of the argument without bringing up the other, right?

Which video game character wouldn’t you want to take with you in a street fight?

In this case I’m going to definitely say I don’t want that chef from the video game classic Burger Time (I’m not sure if that’s a Japanese character or not, but I’m breaking the rule on this one). If you aren’t familiar with this game, there’s a chef who you have to assist in making burgers. You add lettuce, cheese, salt, pepper (if I remember it right). If there’s a gang of bikers who are wishing to do me bodily harm, that guy’s just not gonna cut it. I mean what’s he going to do, sprinkle pepper on my attackers? All that’s going to do is make them mad. We’d both end up battered, bruised, and in hospital beds. If he was the only person available, I’d probably just go it alone.

How about you? Who will you take? Who won’t you take? Please tell me why.

I know there’s a creative crew of readers out there, so I’m sure we’ll get some cool answers. If you’ve been reading but have never commented before, I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

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  • Nanami

    Taokaka from blaze blue is my girl! We both have that nekomimi thing going on a little. -cough- Maybe Voldo from SC as well.. he seems like he’d be interesting company.

    Who wouldn’t I take? Ivy from Soul Calibur.. I don’t ever trust a woman with that much cleavage. Not to mention she totally comes off as a dramaqueen.

    • Donald Ash

      Why are you so freakin’ funny, Nanami?! I think the quote of the day is “I don’t ever trust a woman with that much cleavage.”

      • Nanami

        -grins- I’m glad you appreciate my sense of humor! ^ ^

  • Ceci

    Wow…I’m gonna show my age here. But I haven’t played any Japanese video games since Final Fantasy 7. I don’t have a Playstation 3 or a Wii. Shame on me! But I can tell you which anime characters I’d like to have with me in a street fight.

    Balsa…without a doubt. She’s the main character in Moribito and she kicks *ss.
    Kirika from Noir. Superhuman shooting and evasion prowess.
    Kurau. Awesome super powers. Very kind, high integrity, but she could totally mess you up.

    • Nanami

      FF7 and ff6 still remain some of the best in the series ^ ^

      • Donald Ash

        I heard that six was good but I’ve never played it. FF7 was amazing, though 🙂

        • Nanami

          I like it. I’ve not beaten it but, it’s a lot of fun and has a great storyline (6). I also really like the female lead. She’s pretty neat!

          • Donald Ash

            It may be time for may to have a retro-video game night, ne?

          • Nanami

            Yeah! I should pop in something on my ps3 or wii and see who’s online to play with xD

        • LanceT

          FF6 (FF3 in the US) was amazing. I think I may have a bit more fondness for FF6 than even FF7. Terra, Locke, Mog, Edgar, Celes, Sabin, Relm, … ugh, the need to do a remake and let me put it on my iphone. -_-

  • girth

    link all day!

    • Donald Ash

      Are you sure you don’t mean Pit or Mr. Game-and-Watch, Girth? Knowing how badly I beat you with those two characters in our Super Smash Brothers challenges should be enough to make you reconsider.

      Okay…I’ll tell the truth! So you beat me 99% of the times we played. Link is the man. Good choice, bro!

  • Sean Patton

    My preference is Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku) series. A chain-smoking, 80s-suit-wearing ex-Yakuza who can beat down crowds of thugs with ease is someone I’d want by my side. Sure, he doesn’t have super powers, but in a real street fight neither would anyone else.

    As for who I wouldn’t want on my side, I’ll pick Tingle from the Zelda series. For one, he’d only inspire the bad guys to greater brutality. For two, I’d probably turn around and hit him myself.

    • Donald Ash


  • Jon

    I think I’d want Naruto (from, well, the Naruto video games) on my side. Not only does he have the firepower, he can also provide means for us to escape by using his Kage Bunshin jutsu. \m/

    I wouldn’t want someone treacherous on my side. -_-;

    • Donald Ash

      Why didn’t I think of that, Jon? Naruto would be an awesome character to have. There are just so many fail-safes: the Rasengan, the Kage Bunshin, the Rasengan Shuriken, Sage mode (can the video game character go into Sage Mode?), and if all else fails, you have the Nine Tails to lay waste to any and everyone in sight.

      Maybe you’re right. I’m sure Sephiroth would just as soon stab me in the back as he would the gang of angry people causing the trouble.

  • I’m going to pick Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series for the realistic factor (they’ll be toast before they even know he is there). I’d have to say Naruto is definitely a good swiss-army-knife character to pick.

    As far as one I would not have with me, I’m with Sean on Tingle, I’d probably hit him myself. 0_0

    It’s been a while since I posted, just recently finished a move from an apartment to a house that a friend bought. Been catching up on your articles. 😛

  • Kayla

    I choose Sephiroth. No one wants to mess with that guy. ^_^

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