How to Use a Japanese Rice Cooker

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In most Asian countries, rice is a staple, and arguably the most important food in Japan.  Many foods in Japan use rice in some way, shape, or form: sushi, onigiri (rice balls), and donburi, just to name a few.  A great thing about rice in Japan is that it’s a plentiful food source that is quite inexpensive.  If you’re just moving to Japan and your funds are limited, having good rice can save you money.

But you’re not a cook, you say?  Trust me, neither am I.  Rice cookers can take all of the guesswork out of making rice.  Many restaurants use rice cookers because they’re fast, efficient, and consistent.

It’s a little embarrassing, but when I moved into my apartment, there were three things I remember quite clearly: 1) taking a cold shower because I didn’t know how to use the hot water, 2) taking one look at my rice cooker and stuffing it back in my cabinet, and 3) not knowing how to use a gas stove.  I actually had to have a co-worker come over and show me how use the rice cooker and the gas stove.  I avoided using my rice cooker like the plague, because I simply didn’t understand it.  When you see how easy it is, you’ll wonder why you ever worried in the first place.  I felt a bit silly after seeing how simple this stuff really was.  If you don’t know how to do these things, and you feel stupid asking someone, watching this video is the perfect solution for you.   You don’t have to ask a soul, and I definitely won’t make you feel bad for asking.  I don’t believe in stupid questions.  If you don’t know, you don’t know, right?  And sometimes asking is the only way to get answers, but this time it’s a bit easier.


I highly recommend rice cookers for the great cooks and the culinary-challenged alike.

いただきます (Itadakimasu),

**Similar to thank you for the meal or let’s eat.**


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