How Do You Beat Jet Lag?

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Severe Japan to America Jet Lag


As you may or may not know, I’ve been living in Japan for nearly three years, now, the land of the rising, 4 am sun. I’ve become quite accustomed to the It’s about 7 am here in Georgia and the sun’s still not completely out yet. I have been meaning to update since March 1st, but honestly, I have been exhausted since I got back home. Jet lag isn’t a problem for me when I go back to Japan from the U.S., but when I’m going from Japan to the U.S. it hits me REALLY hard. My sleep schedule has been all off, and I need to fix it quickly, because I know I don’t have a lot of time to be here. My Dad and several friends told me that the best way to combat jet lag is to force myself to stay awake for a few days and go to sleep a regular time in the U.S. time zone. I know the advice is sound, but it’s been a little tough for me to do so far. I’m trying to think of ways to stay awake during those times when I’m really really sleepy, and ways to overcome jet lag in general.

Do you have any other Jet Lag beating tips? Any advice would be much appreciated.


Donald Ash

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  • welcome back there don

    perry’s fam and mine went to makabe this last week, too! 🙂

    jet lag. YOU NEED SUN. get as much sunshine as you can, it will help your bod regulate your cycle.

    that………and strong coffeee! haha


    • Donald Ash

      Thanks. I’m working on it day by day, and I think the sunshine is a great idea.

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