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A slightly homesick Japan Guy.

Okay, I admit it…I’ve been using again :_( . Last night…(Donald bites his lower lip in shame)…I was on YouTube again and I browsed…a lot. LOL! My YouTube binges are usually triggered by something.

Today’s post isn’t really related to anything Japanese. Well, maybe a little bit if you’re a homesick foreigner living abroad, needing a homesickness solution.

YouTube is pretty awesome because it has such a large collection of different clips and moves. When I need something to inspire me, I usually head to YouTube and it’s so easy to find something inspirational. If I can’t find something that suits me, I usually just check out something Bruce Lee-related (he’s always been pretty inspirational).

I’ve also found that YouTube has really been a great place to get American media fix when the Living Abroad Blues starts to rear its sullen head. YouTube is a great place to look at clips from movies that I’d forgotten about, watch old music videos, my favorite sports clips, etc.. I like reading YouTube comments, too. There are some HILARIOUS posts on YouTube.

After watching I honestly do feel better. Today, I watched some of the best movie threats of all time. Yes, there is a lot of swearing in these films, but I don’t mind because some of the lines are classics. My favorite one in this series of clips doesn’t involve cursing at all. It’s when Lou Gossett Jr. says “Whatever you’re reachin’ for better be a sandwich cuz you’re gonna have to eat it.” It’s was more threatening/semi-cheesy than anything, which is right up my alley. I would imagine if I ever had to threaten somebody on film, I’d end up pulling something similar.

Before you watch this, if cursing bothers you, you probably shouldn’t watch this clip. This what I was looking at:

Which threat did you think was the funniest? Most threatening? Cheesiest?

When I’m a little homesick, one of my favorite things to do is to talk watch and talk about movies. Please indulge me just for today.

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.

Donald Ash

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  • *giggles* Major Payne has the best insults/rants/threads of any movie. He never fails to make me giggle.

    • My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE was when John Malkovich calmly said, “If you don’t do it convincingly, I take you out back and run my tractor over your head for the rest of the day.” LOLOLOL!!!! To me the best threat is one that is outrageous but delivered oh so calmly. Because you KNOW the person threatening would probably do it!


      • Donald Ash

        HaHaHaHa:D! 😀 That’s definitely a funny one. Nice choice, sis!
        Thanks for stopping by! Love you. Miss you.

  • I just knew Joe Pesci had to be in the line up. Donaldo, I have to give it to Pesci’s threat to the Irish banker.


    • Donald Ash

      JOE PESCI, EHH!!

  • The award for comedic relief during a serious threat goes to Samuel L. Jackson!

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