From Japan to the United States: Homecoming Georgia-Style

By Donald Ash | Articles

I am so excited to report that I get an opportunity to visit my family in February 2010.  It has literally been two years since I’ve seen my family and friends, and I quite frankly, I am ELATED!!  Since this is the first time seeing my mom in two-years,  my two sisters decided to get it all on film.  Here’s some of my visit:

Being in Japan means that I have a had a chance to eat healthier, exercise more, culturally enrich my life, and start learning a new language.  But for this week…in the U.S. …FORGET ALL OF THAT STUFF!!  For some reason, I was really craving Papa John’s Pizza (my favorite pizza chain in the U.S.) and just felt like having fun:

Some of the other foods I really wanted to eat were Reese’s cups, Dairy Queen Butterfinger Blizzards, McDonald’s milkshakes, Cinnabons, Mom’s peach pie, red velvet cake, and all of those other fattening, caloric delicacies that make America so great.  As you can probably tell, I have a vicious sweet-tooth, but oddly enough, my appetite just wasn’t what it used to be, when I was in America.  My tastes have changed a bit after living in Asia for a while.

I had such a great time being back home again. I had a chance to see great family, great friends, and eat great food.  I also took time to sit and think about new ideas to make the JapanGuy better for my readers.


Donald Ash

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  • Yolande

    I just stumbled on your site. Very informative! Keep up the good work!

    I am going home to Jamaica for the Summer after a year. Cant wait!