Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

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I’m not going to write a long post today, because I’m pretty sure everybody’s going to be out and about enjoying the Thanksgiving Holidays with their family and friends. Here’s to the turkey, to the stuffing, the dressing, the dinner rolls, the casseroles, the pound cakes, the carrot cakes, the pies (OMG…peach pie…I NEED PEACH PIE), the laughter, the friends, the family…the holidays. I hope you all have your best Thanksgiving ever. I am so grateful to have cool readers like you.



Donald Ash

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  • I have some leftover turkey.. I wonder if it’d make it to Japan still in edible condition?

    • Donald Ash

      That would be awesome, LOL. You are always so nice, Nanami. It’s the thought that counts. I was able to get some late Thanksgiving turkey at a dinner party last weekend, so it all worked out. Whew…

      • That’s good! ^ ^; And thank you, I’m flattered. My family didn’t have their dinner til Saturday either. You seem like a sweetheart so the kindness just comes naturally in response. 🙂

  • COstco in taiwan had pumpkin pie so i guess the one in japan did too?

    but strangely enough, i found the clove spice too overpowering! ugh.

    maybe my tastebuds have become more japanized?!?! ha ha

    i had thanksgiving in japan and taiwan. wow, double trouble for the waist.

    hope u got ur turkey!

    we got a huge juicy one from costco….like 3000yen. but oh so worth it!

    🙂 best thing is to get all your great cooking friends together on thankie day – then you dont have to do so much hard work.

    cheers and hope that your health is doing better.

    did u ever get your health checked out after you had that pain? a comprehensive kenkoushindai…thing…would be good. but pricey.

    but now you are 30…and if you are still eating conbini and supermarket stuff…hmm…better to cut down on that …cra…er, stuff. 🙂 i gained 10 kilo eating that stuff during my time 1.5years at aeon.

    dont let it happen to you! 😀

    take care and stay warm! gettin reallly chilly these days!

  • Petaris

    Happy belated Thanksgiving Donald! 🙂

    – Petaris

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