Goodbye Sweet Indicator!

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We’ve been through a lot together, sweetie. We’ve ridden through the rain and snow together, gone through the depths of hell together, and even saved the world a couple times…remember (as a tear glistens in Donald’s left eye)? You have always been there for me whenever I needed you. But I know this can’t go on any longer. I hope that someday you will find someone who can take better care of you. Farewell my dear…

Sigh...goodbye my dear...

Random person:“Hey Donald what’cha writin…wait…are you crying?”
Donald: “Nah, man, I got something in my eye (as Donald’s lip begins to quiver…followed by his voice). I’m just typing a report for work.”
Random person: “Oh…okay, good luck.”
Donald: “Thanks.”

Today, unfortunately, I had to take my bike out to pasture. That was the second bike I bought since I’ve been in Japan. I guess when you ride them everyday, the wear and tear is going to happen. The funny thing is that this bike was the exact color and model of my previous one. The first time, though, I bought my bike directly from a Japanese bike shop. The second time I just happened to find the exact same model at a second hand store near my house.

The second-hand store bike was super-cheap (maybe four or five-thousand yen), but it was actually several sizes too small. I knew that, but I just wanted something that I could use to get around quickly, easily, and cheaply . When I would ride, my knees would sometimes hit the handlebars (see? I told you it was small), but that was part of the bike’s…”charm.” I thought riding in extreme discomfort was normal, but I guess it isn’t.

I got a brand new bike, that cost me ¥33,000** (which includes insurance 2700 yen insurance). To some, that price may sound expensive, but when you have to ride your bike almost everywhere you go, it’s nice to be comfortable. Being that I am a taller person. I’d say it’s worth going to your local bike store to buy a quality bike that will last you. At my local shop, I was told by one of the clerks that the Chevaux bicycle was largest in stock.
**If you ever get confused on how to gauge the value of yen, just remove two zeroes, and that’s a ball park of what the dollar value will be. It’s changed significantly though, because the yen has been so strong against the dollar lately.**

He let me do a test run in the ASAHI parking lot…


A new set of wheels. No, not a car, unfortunately, a bicycle.

I was so amazed!! This is the first time, since I I’ve been here, that I’ve been able to get, nearly, full leg extension while riding. It’s incredible!! Riding around should be a whole lot easier now. If you’re taller, and cant’ find a bike your size, have the store order. It makes a tremendous difference.

See you next time,

Donald Ash

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