Epic McDonald’s Fail

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I don’t think I mentioned this to you guys, but a couple of months ago I had the chance to audition for a McDonald’s commerical. I went knowing that it was going to be super competitive because it’s McDonald’s of course. I figured a bunch of models that I had seen before would be there, and I was right. I saw models that I literally haven’t seen in years, maybe because we’ve been auditioning for different jobs. We had to go in and act like chefs and do a Japanese dialogue we were given. I really didn’t get my hopes up, I was just happy to get through the picture selection process, but there were still a lot of guys there, but I didn’t let myself get intimidated. I went to my little corner practiced my lines in as my different ways that I could. I did my best, and went home.

That evening I got call asking me to come in for the next round of auditions. I went, and this time, I was admittedly a little nervous. There is this one model that I always see at big auditions and he’s beaten me out of a couple of jobs. He’s nice enough, but he definitely gets more jobs than me. I think I did about four or five readings. The director wanted us to try it this way and then try it another way. I thought because I was having to read so many different ways that maybe he didn’t take a liking to me. When the staff thanked everybody for coming, I started packing up my stuff to leave the building, when one staff member came up to me asking me to stay.

I made the final cut!? REALLY?!! I was elated.

The final cut came down to three other models and I. I didn’t see the model that usually beats me, so my confidence was through the roof! We had to read over and over and pair up in different teams to see who would be the final two. The final audition was a lot harder and these guys had better Japanese than me. I could understand and I could speak, which was why I got as far as I did, but these guys had the finer nuances of Japanese down pat. They could even make jokes, which instantly engaged the staff. After the readings, seeing the reactions of the director and the staff, my confidence started waning, and fast.

They had all four of us try on the chef’s outfits that would be used for the commercial. I was a little bigger than everybody else, so when I squeezed into the gold pants and chef’s top, I resembled Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner more than I did a McDonald’s chef. I’m not talking about calm Bruce Banner, either. I mean Bruce Banner just as he was about the reach the anger point of no return, when all of his clothes are ripping at the seams (except for those purple pants that must be made of some special, space-age, polymer).
It sucked, because I was the only one the final suit looked weird on 🙁 .

I knew they were going to chose one African-American and one Caucasian male for the role. So it was me, or this other dude. I had a 50/50 shot, but in the end I didn’t get the job. It would have been nice to do a commercial for a big brand, because the chance doesn’t come around for me so often. It’s not everyday you get to say “I was in a McDonald’s commercial.” But, I can’t be bitter. Truth be told, as well as I thought I did, these two nailed the audtion. Now I’ve started seeing the commercial on television and I’ve heard it showing on the trains, too. It really twists the knife just a little deeper, knowing I was that close to a national ad spot. This is the commercial:

(To the tune of the McDonald’s jingle): “Ba da ba ba ba really wanted’ it.”

Almost doesn’t cut it when it comes to these types of jobs. Gotta stop having these close call misses. Next time, though, I’ll be ready for ‘em…FOR SURE!! 😀

Donald Ash

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  • Regina

    I’m glad you’re not letting this stop you from trying again.

    I’m sorry it didnt work out but like you pointed out — you know what to do for next time.

    Stay positive. ^_^

    • Donald Ash

      I definitely will. Next time for sure.

  • ^_^ You can do it Donald-Kun! Ganbatte!

    • Donald Ash

      I hope so, thanks, Nanami-chan 🙂

  • Waltlanta

    Awesome you got so close! There’s always Burger King…actually, are there Burger Kings over there?

  • Petaris

    Major bummer! Especially having to hear it on the trains and see it on TV! But don’t let it get you down! Next time your going to rock their world! 😀

  • Donald,

    Don’t beat yerself up, bud. If you did the best you could do that is
    all anyone could expect. Think of it this way .. you made it a lot
    farther than some folks. Try to think how THEY feel!

    Half full or half empty, bud?

  • Mrs. V.

    Keep trying! You’ll be in a major Japanese commercial soon.

  • Dochimichi

    The best is yet to come! Ganbatte kudasai 😉

  • Charlie

    Wow!! That is funny, I saw this commercial so many times when I was there last week. I am sure another great opportunity will come about.

  • I hear ya. I auditioned for a McD’s commercial where they were looking for a soccer ref. my competition included a good looking Italan guy who was a real soccer ref. Never guess who got the gig

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