Ehh…A Tornado In Tsukuba?

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I gotten a few messages today asking if I’m okay after the tornado in Tsukuba. I wanted to say thank you to those who emailed, I really appreciate it. I’m doing okay. It doesn’t look like any damage happened to the apartments and houses in my area. I think the tornado must have hit in a different part of Tsukuba. I was on my bike, riding to Tsukuba University, when the tornado hit (guess I need to pay more attention to the news). I should have noticed something was up when my door flung open as soon as I pushed the handle down. I really thought it was just a heavy thunderstorm with heavy wind and hail (which is also quite rare). I noticed that the power was out at the student center, but it really didn’t strike me as strange, thunderstorms can sometimes cause power outages. I got a phone email from my friend Marisa asking if everything was okay, and then I knew. I wonder where the reported damage happened.

Honestly I’m a little surprised that I didn’t know about until after I checked my mail. I saw this USA Today story so I thought I’d share it with you guys:

Donald Ash

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  • Hi Donald,

    Any ideas where the the tornado hit? Looked like it was in the city centre from the video/pictures. Here’s more information on it:



    • Donald Ash

      Hey Shawn, Thanks for the info. Some of my coworkers were saying that most of the damage was near Mt. Tsukuba. I was actually thinking of riding my bike there that morning because the weather started off really nice. Man, I’m really glad I didn’t do that.

  • Diana

    Hey Donald,
    I’m really relieved that you doing well!
    I just heard about the Tornado and was really shocked.
    I’m going to make my Internship at Liberty School in Tsukuba this September.
    Do you know in which part the Tornado hit?


    • Donald Ash

      Thanks Diana :). It hit near Mt. Tsukuba. There was a power outage at Tsukuba University, but the buildings and things in my area, and near Tsukuba Center seem to be okay.

      Liberty, huh? I know a few people there. I really think you’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks for stopping by to post.


      • Diana

        Thanks for the respond, Donald! 🙂
        I wrote Ms. Kinoshita from Liberty School after I heard about it. I hope she is doing well.

        That sounds good, I’m looking forward to that time! 🙂


  • D: omg Donald… I’m glad you were safe.

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks Nanami-chan 🙂

  • Andrea Bushnell

    Was Tsukuba University damaged in the tornado? My son is a professor there and I have not been able to reach him. I don’t know you but I am glad you are safe.

    • Donald Ash

      Hi Andrea,

      Did you get in touch with your son?
      From what I could see, the campus was fine other than the power outage. I didn’t walk through the whole campus, though. This morning I did see that a couple of the buildings experienced very light wind damage, but it wasn’t anything major. I really hope everything is okay with your son. Please come back by to let me know.


      Donald Ash

  • Anya

    Heey..i’m gonna be staying in Tsukuba for whole july. I hope everything will be OK by then :/

    • Donald Ash

      I’m sure it will be, Anya. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  • Petaris

    I’m glad your OK Donald! Reading this is the first that I had heard of it. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to keep up on news.

  • Roze

    Wow, a tornado? I hear that doesn’t happen too often in Japan! Craziness!

    • Donald Ash

      Right, Roze? Yeah, I think Japan is natural disaster central lately.

  • Roze

    Wow, a tornado? I hear that doesn’t happen too often in Japan! Craziness!

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