Doraemon and the Dokodemo Door

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Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka-chan

Have you seen this little fellow before? If you’re not really all that big into anime, you may not have seen him before (at least in the U.S. anyway). This character is a little robot cat called Doraemon (sounds like doh-rye-moan) and he is one of Japan’s most recognizable anime characters. The reason why I mention him is because he and several of the main characters in the show happen to be mascots for the Toyota motor company. At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, they had a big display of the different characters, and everyone was taking pictures. There was also another interesting thing I saw. People were lining up to walk through this big, pink door. From the outside looking in, you might think “What the hell is wrong with these people?!?” It’s just a door. But was it just a door? This door is actually one of the most popular things about the anime, it’s the Dokodemo Door. This is a magic door gives to power to go anywhere. I’d say that’s pretty useful.

The Dokodemo Door (The Anywhere Door)

Having Doraemon means being able to access The Dokodemo Door whenever you want, plus a host of other cool gadgets including Gulliver’s tunnel (when you run through it you shrink in size), the Miniature Creation Camera (which allows you to snap instant photos, pour hot water on them, and exact, but smaller replica), or the spray boomerang (a spray that makes whatever object you spray it on, come back after being thrown). There’s so much cool technology in that pouch of his. I wonder how much Doraemon costs? I’m guessing he’s out of my price range.

I really just wanted to ask you a question today. If you had a Dokodemo Door (a door that allows you to go anywhere), what three places would you go to? Please leave you comments below. I’ll start 😉

See you tomorrow!!

Donald Ash

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  • Donald Ash

    1. I’d fifteen years into the future to see how things turn out, and if I don’t like it, I’d change it.

    2. I’d go back in time to train with Bruce Lee

    3. I’d go back in time to invest in companies like Berkshire Hathway, Microsoft, Apple, Research in Motion, etc. when they were startups.

    How about you?

  • Revell Walker

    I love Doraemon! He has so many cool tech toys. The show really helped me to understand Japanese culture before I came over to live in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s hard to say what I’d do with the Dokodemo Door, but if I had a Time Furusuke (blanket) I’d find used tvs from off the streets they would leave out on the curb and reverse it to new again! Oh yeah! I know what I’d do: buy me a mess of yen at 366 yen to the dollar!

  • Chaos SM

    where would i go?

    No the question is first how would one acquire a dekodomo door?

    and that is my first goal to create one, then from that point i will surpass God!


    • Donald Ash

      Hahahahaha! Nice. If you ever manage to create a working dokodemo door, please make a duplicate because I would gladly buy the second one from you! Just name your price.

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