Donald and the Japanese Typhoon

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The title of this post sounds like it’d be an interesting kid’s book, but unfortunately, I’m talking about a real, Japanese typhoon…pretty interesting stuff, to say the least.

Yep, it’s typhoon season, and I guess it has been for a while now. The typhoon season generally runs from May until late October or early November. Having been here for nearly four years, I have to say that typhoon season doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to experience a life-threatening, natural disaster. I guess it just means that these are the ideal conditions (air temperature, air pressure, etc.) for typhoons to arise.

Today was probably the strongest typhoon I’ve ever experienced. Though it wasn’t life-threatening here in Tsukuba, the winds were quite a sight to behold: tree branches flailing and breaking, people gritting their teeth, umbrellas at the ready, failing miserably to shield themselves from the onslaught of Japan’s mighty typhoon winds and relentless rain…

“Ha, ha, ha, who’s the idiot wearing the Superman shirt riding in the…wait, that’s me.” And I’m not an idiot Mr. Writer, because I almost flew for real…hmmpf…shows what you know!

Seriously, that wind was no joke. It’s really interesting riding a bike in those wind speeds, because when it’s headwinds your facing, it’s like pedaling a stationary bike. Conversely, when the winds are at your back, you don’t have to move your feet at all, the winds blow you where ever you need to go. You know what it reminds me of? Did you ever play F-Zero on the Super Nintendo or Super-Famicom? Riding in a typhoon feels like being on the Death Wind track, sometimes the wind works for you and sometimes it works against you:

I didn’t want to do too much recording of the typhoon, because I didn’t want to get my camera all wet, but I did get a little just to show what it’s like. Some of the video isn’t the best quality, but you get the idea:

See your next time,

Donald Ash

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  • Nanami


    I think I did that right >>;

    My goodness I would be either.. really excited or really scared during a storm like that. I tend to get really nervous in storms to begin with. Combine that with being clumsy even at the best of times and.. haha. Still! I think if you get lifted up by the winds it totally counts btw. 😉

  • Petaris

    Strap some wings to your bike and go flying man! Hahaha 😀

    I think I would rather be in a storm like that then an earthquake though. I’ve never been in an earthquake but I don’t like the idea that not even the ground is safe, lol. 🙂

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