Do You Know Who Tomohiro Kato Is?

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This man will forever be remembered for his actions in Akihabara on June 8th, 2008. Unfortunately there is nothing positive about it. Kato was responsible for the deaths of seven people on that sunny day in June of 2008. He killed three people, injured two, by hitting them with his truck and then he proceeded to get out of his car and stab twelve others (four of those people were killed).

From what I understand, this could have happened for several reasons ranging from work problems to bullying to loneliness. HUH?!? Does that even make any sense? When does “I’m about to lose my job.” justify “Okay, I’m gonna kill innocent people now.” It doesn’t! When does cause, “I’m lonely.”, result in the effect “Oh…I guess I’ll kill people now.” It doesn’t! Even with the bullying…take another approach. Why take the lives of innocent people? People who didn’t do a damn thing to you?

Perhaps people may say a mental disorder caused him to do this, but judge Hiroaki Morayama didn’t think so, sentencing him to death just days ago.

I found a report about it on the BBC and you may want to check it out:

Now, I don’t wish death on anyone**. However, for people who decide to do things extreme things like this, I honestly can’t say that I feel remorse…none at all. You chose to kill, now you have to face the consequences. I mean I understand you got bullied and all, or maybe you were even about to lose your job. But take your frustrations out elsewhere! You can’t go killing innocent people!

**Wait, wait, let me back up. There was another killing spree I heard about here in Japan, and it literally changed the way I felt about the death penalty. After hearing the story, I felt, okay…he deserved it. It was Mamoru Takuma who went on a killing spree at an elementary school in Osaka killing eight children!

You know the weird thing, though? A former co-worker of mine was actually in Akihabara that Sunday when it happened. I never really talked to him about it out of respect, but seeming as how Kato was just sentenced, I’d really like to hear his thoughts.

What do you think? Did Kato deserve the death penalty for his actions in June of 2008?

Donald Ash

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  • Ryan McGuinness

    I didn’t know Japan had a death penalty. He deserves it though, he was bullied by people on an Internet bulletin board, by people he didn’t even know…to use that as a justifiable excuse, he’s getting what he deserves.

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