Do Will Smith, Michael Jackson, and Barack Obama Look Alike To You?

By Donnie | General Living in Japan

Well aside from the obvious, having brown skin (I’m talking about African-American Michael Jackson, not the hispanic one from the late 80s or the caucasian one from the mid-nineties…I’m sorry, but it’s true, Michael…God rest your soul) it doesn’t seem to me like they favor at all, not even in the slightest. However, my fourth graders thought so. I held up a picture of some Japanese celebrities and they were able to identify them quite easily. I then held up a picture of Will Smith to have a celebrity who represented a country other than Japan. Much to my dismay the kids had no clue who he was. I don’t know why I was so surprised, though, because I guess he hasn’t really done very many family type movies in recent years. So while Japanese adults probably know him, I guess the kids wouldn’t so much.

What does a group of genki fourth graders do when don’t know the answer to something? THEY GUESS!: “ドナルド Donaldo!” “オバマ O-BA-MA!” “マイケルジャクソンMikeru Jakuson. It was pretty interesting seeing the kids trying to figure it out, though.

Do these three guys favor?

Donald Ash

**I know there’s that joke that says all black people look alike, but I really don’t think so. For example I had a person tell me I look like Don Cheadle when I shave my mustache…I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think we favor. I think guy who told me that was from Australia, though, not Japanese.**
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  • Donald Ash

    Well, now that I’m looking at the pictures, side-by-side. Maybe Will Smith and Barack Obama do kinda favor…hmm.

  • Ceci

    Hmmmm, skin tone is the same, but that could also be image processing, not real life. Since so many people nowadays have really straight teeth, people’s smiles are also starting to look similar. Lessee, a little similarity in the nose…..eyes, and eyebrows, totally different. Jaw line and chin, Obama’s is much narrower which makes his face quite a bit different than Will Smith’s. So that’s my take. It’s interesting that when I have the time to look at a picture, the differences pop right out, but in a cursory glance, I think I only pay attention to similarities. Maybe that’s why I can never describe someone I’ve met/seen briefly.

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks Ceci. I was poring over the photos and Michael Jackson doesn’t resemble either one. Initially I didn’t think Barack and Will favored, but I out of the three, I guess they favor most. There was talk of Will someday playing Barack Obama in a movie. Movie makeup and stylists might be able to make them favor even more if that movie were to become a reality.

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