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My Journey to 1000 Kanji: #46-60 (Week 4)

By Donnie | Articles , Educational Articles & Videos , Japanese Kanji , Japanese Writing Basics

Okay, so it’s on the the next set. ENJOY! 46.子- The Japanese symbol for child. Also the rat in the Chinese zodiac. On-yomi: シ shi、スsu Kun-yomi: こ ko Sentence: 子どものとこ、たくさんえいがいをみました。Kodomo no toki, takusan eiga wo mimashita. When I was a child, I watched a lot of movies. 47.京- The kanji for capital. On-yomi: N/A Kun-yomi: キョウ kyou、ケイkei […]

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Six Factors for Good Japanese

By Donald Ash | Articles , Educational Articles & Videos , Foreigners In Japan , Japanese Kanji , Japanese Language Basics

In many respects, Japanese can be a difficult language to learn. Especially to the western newbie who hasn’t taken the hiragana/katana plunge just yet. I like to think that a person’s language abilities are based around six key factors: 1) speaking, 2) listening/listening comprehension, 3) reading/reading comprehension, 4) writing, 5) vocabulary, and 6) grammar. If […]

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