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50 Japanese School Vocabulary Words You Should Know

By Donnie | Articles , Educational Articles & Videos , Studying Japanese , Teaching English In Japan

As a foreigner who is still working on his Japanese, working in a Japanese public school can present some challenges from time to time. One such challenge is getting used to new, Japanese, school-related vocabulary. Were I teaching at American public school, I wouldn’t even give issues like this a second thought because English is […]

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Using Embarrassing Moments To Help You Improve Your Japanese

By Donnie | Articles , Educational Articles & Videos , Japanese Language Basics , Teaching English In Japan

Summer is upon us here in the land of Rising, Scorching, Hot Sun. That endearing, humid heat that’s oh so characteristic of Japanese summer is starting. Granted is not as bad as it’s going to get, but we’ve had a couple of those “more humid than normal” days already. Today, it rained ever so lightly, […]

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