Can I Withdraw From a Foreign Bank Account Using a Japanese?

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Do you know if it’s possible to withdraw money from your US bank account here in Japan?  I asked this question to countless foreigners and coworkers living here in Japan.  I would get the same answers over and over again: “I’m not sure,” “I’ve never tried it,” “I don’t know.” Well I needed to ship something home today and the Japan Post wouldn’t let me use a debit card.

I decided to figure this out once and for all if I could withdraw money from my US bank account here in Japan.

Armed with my Paypal card and good intentions, I apprehensively put my card into the ATM, pressed the English Guide button.  The ATM prompted me to put in my pin number.  I entered my number.  Then I was prompted to enter an amount.  I put in 2000 yen and crossed my fingers for luck.  Deep breath…waiting…waiting…incorrect pin…d$%n it!  I tempted the fates one more time and put in my card.  I entered my pin again and the amount that I wanted.  Deep breath…waiting…waiting…machine sounds…flipping of bills…IT WORKED!!

Because it was a question that many people have asked, I decided to make a video at my local post office to prove it’s possible:


Paypal is a wonderful global service for making and accepting payments, so I can withdraw funds quite easily little fees involved (it was around a 2% withdrawal feel, if I calculated correctly).  I honestly don’t know if all banks allow overseas withdrawals, but I know that Chase and Paypal work just fine here in Japan.

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  • Cam C. says:

    I can verify that I was able to get 7-11 “Seven Bank” ATMs working with my Canadian bank card (CIBC) and I know several other people who have used them as well. I was only able to take out 30000yen (my daily limit is $400CAD) per day but that’s not too bad in a pinch.

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