Being a Pack Rat Isn’t a Bad Thing, Look What I found!

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I love this! It's supposed to be a picture of me. Now...if only I were this cute in real life...LOL

There was this birthday card I got from an AEON student last year, and fro the longest time, I just could not figure out where it was. I changed apartments as you may or may not know, and I though that maybe I had tossed the card. But me being the pack rat that I am, I couldn’t have possibly thrown away something like that. Now I’m not a severe pack rat. I remember seeing this show (can’t remember exactly which show it was) where this lady was such a pack rat that she couldn’t even get around in her house. Things were literally stacked to the ceiling. That’s definitely not me. But if it’s something cool, I like to keep it.

I got this from my student Hiroko, who used to do anime art. It’s such a simple card but the picture that she drew of me was classic. I don’t know what it is with me and my fascination with cards here in Japan, but it’s a fascination that won’t be going away any time soon. I will definitely be keeping this card in a place where I won’t lose it again:



“Thank you for giving us enjoyable class(es) every time! I’ll probably improve my English skill if I take your class steadily. And I hope this year will be one of your best year(s)!!

2010.7.22 Hiroko”

I’m glad I found it,

Donald Ash

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  • I think that is just darling. Children possess such purity and it’s something that I think that adults who are drawn to teaching hold onto in their maturity as well. My best friend’s 3 year old told me the other day that I was her best friend. I think that meant more to me than anything else in my 28 years.

  • furry worm

    This card is so cute, she must’ve really liked you 🙂
    and the picture is awesome, cute style, almost as good as “Mr. Sparkle”. xD

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