Are Your Ready to do the Diarrhea Dance?

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I saw this video a long time ago when a buddy at AEON showed it to me. But last week, for some strange reason, it’s just had some kind of strange resurgence. Two friends showed me the exact same video within days of each other (thanks Chris, and yet again, Mr. Dillard), so I figured that maybe I’m supposed to post this. The video is an English education tool, and there is a foreign speaker that covers the term “I have a bad case of diarrhea.” It’s bad enough that somebody has to repeat that their bowels are looser than they should be. But what could possibly make this lesson more user-friendly? What could make this lesson easier to stomach (heh, heh…get it…sigh…I can’t help it with the bad jokes). A DANCE!! Of course!

For some reason I found this to be a little bit weird and a whole lotta funny, it definitely isn’t the weirdest thing Japan has ever released. but one of those quirky things that makes Japan what it is. I happen to love the group dances. The Algorithm March is much cooler to me, but the Diarrhea dance has a bigger Ha Ha factor. I

As much as I hate to say it, there are so many things that are right about the song (if you can overlook the lyrical content): a corresponding, catchy, funky beat, simple/easy-to-remember lyrics, and cheerful women in bikinis. Check it out:

THE JAPAN GUY MORAL OF THE STORY: Diarrhea doesn’t have to be a drag, as with most things in life, it’s all about perception. Having diarrhea can actually be quite fun!?? (please note, the Japan Guy moral doesn’t always make sense).

So the next time, your stomach’s rumbling, don’t forget to break out this dance! I know somebody reading this is actually going to try it. I sure hope so, because then I’ll feel a little better about myself for having tried it, too.

Donald Ash

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  • Just… wow… 0_0

    I can’t say I’ve ever heard that phrase spoken so many times in a row, until now. Brain… still… processing… (device failure) x_x

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