Are Terminators Being Manufactured In Japan?

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I snapped this photo at the Cyberdyne Studio.

A long while ago, I made a short post about the Japanese company, Cyberdyne being located right here in Tsukuba, Japan. For those who aren’t up on your Schwarzenegger, in the Terminator films, Cyberdyne was the company responsible for creating the world’s most dangerous killing machines…Terminators!! These robots had the uncanny ability of blending into human society because of their human outer-appearance. Let’s say it again, shall we? “Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.” The two most notable models were the T101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the T1000 (the liquid metal one)*.

*Let’s be honest, Terminator 1 & 2 were the only two films that were truly worth their salt. It was all downhill for the franchise after that.*

During my morning commute, I always see the Cyberdyne building as I pass by Kekyu Gakuen station. That Terminator opening theme always plays in my head every time I ride by “DUN Dun dun dun dun!” “DUN Dun dun dun dun!” (it just played in your head, too, didn’t it? 🙂 ).

There a Cyberdyne Studio at the IIAS shopping center in my town as well. It’s understandable, considering the headquarters is so close to the mall. I haven’t seen everything in the display, but it is cool to walk by a shop in the mall that’s purely devoted to robots:

Cyberdyne Studio, IIAS Tsukuba

Cute Robots

One of the talking robots that sometimes greets you when you walk into the Cyberdyne Studio.

An EVA replica from the ever popular Neon Genesis: Evangelion series.

The Mighty Ironman!

There were cute robots, more cute robots, a replica of one of the EVAs from Evangelion, an Iron Man replica, and even a display of the HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb). I know I’ve mentioned the HAL in passing but it’s just such a cool piece of technology, so cool in fact that (from what I understand) the U.S. Army has become quite interested in the suit and it’s applications. I mean it’s suit that literally increases a person’s strength up to five times!

This is the future if I ever saw it! What’s even crazier is that the professor who created it (sorry it’s not Dr. Light, Megaman/Rockman fans), Yohiyuki Sankai, works at Tsukuba University. I can get to Tsukuba University in two to three minutes if I pedal fast.

Despite how cool the Cyberdyne mall display is at IIAS, it hurts my heart so much to know that my town is going to be responsible for Judgement Day, the chain of events that’s going to bring about the near extinction of the human race…sigh…the day when Terminators will overrun the Earth…double sigh. Oh…you don’t believe me?!? Of course I wouldn’t make this claim with no proof. I present the following for your inspection:


I guess after the Connors and Myles Dyson destroyed the headquarters in American headquarters, Cyberdyne just up and moved to Japan.


Not just another cute little replica. This may have been Japan's first attempt at a terminator in the early 1900s, the...Terminatore. Mobility and speed were the big issue with this model, humans targeted for termination would simply run away and there was nothing poor old Terminatore could do to stop them. Needless to say, his model was discontinued.


The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL), A useful piece of a equipment that can actually make a human being five times strong (SERIOUSLY!). Useful equipment, but perhaps this was the precursor to making machines that were even more man-like, i.e.-TERMINATORS!!

Still not convinced? Well if this doesn’t convince you, then I’m afraid nothing will.


A real Terminator at the Cyberdyne showcase in Tsukuba, Japan...and you thought I was lying...shame on you.


While getting pictures to support my claims, I was confronted by Terminator with a live machine gun. If he hadn't malfunctioned I wouldn't be here typing to you right now. I barely escaped with my life!!

I’ve decided to go underground to start preparing for the coming Man vs. Terminator War. Stock up on weapons, water, and food supplies…and most importantly….

Join the resistance!

Human Resistance Lieutenant
Donald Ash

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