Answers to the Top Three Japanese Family Names Quiz

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Thank you for checking out the Top Japanese Last Names Quiz. Now, let’s take a look at the answers:

The top three Japanese last names here in east Japan (Ibaraki) anyway, the ones that I heard from all 20 surveyed were:

1. Suzuki

2. Sato

3. Tanaka

Did you guess those three. I know I didn’t. I was thinking maybe Honda, Yamada, and Tanaka but when nearly every Japanese respondent gives the EXACT same, I guess it has to be more than a coincidence.

Donald Ash

P.S.-Oh yeah, I don’t want to forget about he English names. When I saw the names I though, “yeah, that makes sense. Based on an old census report, the top three were Smith, Johnson, and Williams. I don’t know what the current census says, but if it’s changed I I’m fairly certain these names will still be in the top five.

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  • Petaris

    I would think that the English names would probably differ based on what region of the US you were in. In the upper Mid-West their would be more Scandinavian and German names for example. In the East you are probably going to see more Western European and UK (English, Irish, Scottish) names, in the South West probably a lot of Spanish names.

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