American Candy Bars in Japan: Enter the TWIX!

By Donnie | American Brands in Japan

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I went into a nearby Seven Eleven and guess what I saw? “Dave the dope fiend smoking dope who don’t know the meaning of water nor soap.” Just making sure you’re paying attention (it’s also my Slick Rick shout out). No, but seriously, I was scanning the candy section to find a candy bar or something to satisfy a severe sweets craving. I scanned and saw the usual “Ghana, Meiji, Krunky…Snickers…Twix.” “TWIX?!!” I did huge double take. I knew instantly which candy bar I’d be buying today; I actually ended up buying wo of them. I have definitely had a Twix before in Japan, but i have never seen it sold at any convenience stores up until last week.

I usually have to to this shop called Yamaya, where you can find imported goods, to find Twix candy bars, but they’re usually like the fun size types sold by the bag. The individual bars themselves aren’t sold there (at least the one that I frequent). This news might not excite many of you reading this, but Twix is one of my candy favorites because I love caramel so much. I have had to become much more of a Snickers fan in Japan, because that’s the most common, American candy bar that I come across. Some stores also carry Milky Ways and Mars Bars.

But you know what’s funny with some of candy bars in Japan? The Milky Way and Mars bars are different from the U.S. bars (do they even sell Mars bars in the US anymore? They did back in the 80s). The wrappers are the same, but the ingredients aren’t. If I asked you what’s in a Milky Way, most Americans would say, chocolate, nougat, and caramel, right? Or if I asked you what’s in a Mars Bar? Could you tell me?* Well, get this, the Japaense Milky Way doesn’t have caramel in it at all :O ! It’s more like a Three Musketeer’s Bar disguised as a Milky Way, it only has chocolate and nougat. The Mars Bar in Japan is like the American Milky Way, it his chocolate, caramel and nougat. I think it’s neat that the candy bars are different. I’m not complaining, because they all still taste pretty good.

*No, seriously, what’s in a mars bar…I don’t recall

Underneath that colorful, enticing wrapper, a candy bar can be like a taste of home. Now if Japan can just get with the program and get those blasted peanut butter/chocolate candies over here Butterfinger (my favorite candy bar) and Reese’s, we’d be set. But, it’s all good…one step at a time I guess.

It’s time for the “Candy Bar Check In.” What’s your favorite candy bar? What’s in it?
If you’re not from America, no worries, I want to hear your answers, too. Truth be told, some of the best candies I’ve ever tried AREN’T from America. Just be sure to tell us what’s in it. Leave your answers in the comments section 😉

See You Tomorrow,

Donald Ash

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  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! I’ve got to search for some Twix now! I live in Tohoku so it takes longer (sometimes never) for us to get new products up here.

    I love anything mint chocolate a la Junior Mints. But they don’t ship well. They end up as a gooey mass in the bottom of the box. I also love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but living in Japan has lowered my tolerance for super sweet things. They hurt my teeth now. But, you can make your own quite easily!

  • Sean Patton

    I still see Mars bars frequently in Canada. I used to really like the dark chocolate version since it was just a bit less sweet but had a richer taste. I tend to avoid sticky candy bars with caramel or nougat these days because whenever they touch my fillings every nerve in my body combusts simultaneously!

    Still, I can’t say no to the odd mint Aero bar here and there. My all-time favourite is probably Twix (despite the caramel pain) or Kit-Kat. I’ve tried a few crazy Kit-Kat flavours from Japan courtesy of my girlfriend. I think one was a McDonalds Caramel Machiato flavour. Good stuff. Same deal with the blueberry ones. I also tried a soy sauce Kit-Kat and kind of wished I hadn’t. Not everything is a winning recipe!

  • Petaris

    I like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and the Peanut Butter TWIX too. The Meji chocolate covered almonds and the Green Tea Kit-Kats are pretty good too! 🙂



    Gotta run to 7-11 now. 🙂


  • Anthony

    Did I read that right…? Japan doesn’t have Reese’s candies?! I might have to reconsider my trip there now. That or load up on reese’s beforehand lol

    • Donald Ash

      LOL! Yeah, man, stock up. Japan is seriously lacking on the peanut butter candies.

  • Steve Drake

    Wow that’s amazing.

    The Mars and Milky Ways are exactly the same as they are back in the UK, where they, like the twix, originate from. 🙂

    • yellowfish

      They’re mars products, mars UK is a division of the mars that was started in the US.

  • miyuki

    sorry for my stupid question but where is exactly the yamaya shop you mentionned earlier ? its only one month that I am in Japan and i am already craving for “good” chocolats 🙁 thanks in adavance 4 ur reply 🙂 (btw sorry for my “English “it is not my motherthongue 😉 )

    • Donald Ash

      Hey Miyuki, I promise I will answer that question this week. It’s almost like you read my mind. Stay tuned 😉

  • miyuki

    Great thanks 😉 I am not in Tokyo right now so anyway I will need to wait until December to have a chance to go to Yamaya 🙁 if I may add my two cents, actually it is not a candy bar but when I need my Swiss chocolats I go to Plaza , but 500 yen for a piece of chocolats … it hurts.. well heaven is priceless right ? 😉 But could not find yet Reese’s peanut butter cups (the miniatures ones are my favourite ) arghhhh

  • Guest101

    Hi, Donald, do they still sell twix at 7Eleven here in Japan currently?

    We don’t have any 7Eleven’s in this part of Japan YET, but we are getting them soon because Sunkus is going out of business and going to be changed to 7eleven here. I really love Twix so I hope they are still selling them.

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