ALT Training Day 1, Suidobashi, Japan 2011

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ALT Training, Day 1, Suidobashi station. I woke up on time, caught the TX to Akihabara and took the Sobu line to Suidobashi station. I was super glad my bag had wheels, because judging from how hard is was to ride my bike and carry a really heavy suitcase from my apartment just to the TX…this was going to be a long a#$ day. I arrived at Suidobashi station on time and had about fifteen minutes to get from the station to the training center. I stood there reading my map, getting my bearing, and when I looked up I saw two familiar faces gazing back at me. It was Marisa (my former Aeon co-worker) and her boyfriend Kouichi. They were pointing gesturing that training was in the opposite direction…so much for my map-reading skills. I waited for them and we walked to training together (Kouichi was there to guide us, he wasn’t participating in the training…he’s always so helpful).

We got to training and I met my trainer Francesco or Cheko for short. He was really entertaining to watch and listen to, even though the first day of training wasn’t the most interesting of topics. The first day was simply to go through the Interac ground rules. Later I had a chance to meet David who reinforced some of what Cheko was saying and told us about what to expect when we finally got to our schools.

2:30pm- I made it through the first day and was glad I didn’t have to make that long commute to Tsukuba. I was mere minutes away from my hotel near Iidabashi station. I didn’t know exactly where the hotel was because I hadn’t checked in yet. Apparently quite a few of the training members were staying at the Koraku Garden Hotel, Neil from London showed me the way.

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