ALT Training Day 4: Teaching Demos (Iidabashi, Japan 2011)

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Even with all of my teaching experience at AEON I still get a little nervous when having to do demonstrations in front of people I don’t know so well. In front of students I’m completely fine, but the demo lessons themselves seem to come with a little bit of added pressure. It’s that worry “I hope I don’t screw this up.” or “Did I do that right?” or “I wonder what he’s using his red pen so much?” But when it’s all said and done, I know I have to let go, relax, and let my Donald mojo do it’s thing (I hope I have some mojo left…it’s been so crazy since I’ve gotten back to Japan).


In a way I kind of lucked out, because two of us trainees had to go to meet our board of education (BOE) and visit our schools today. We had to do our teaching demonstrations earlier than the main group in order to get to our BOE meeting on time. The good part was that I only had to demo in front of one trainer and another fellow trainee. The funny thing is, the trainee was none other than Marisa D., the same person that I worked with at AEON for the last two years, the same one I did my farewell speech with. Small world, huh? Truth be told, I still got nervous, my voice lost it’s volume, and I botched a few things up during my demo. But you know what? The lesson had all of the pieces it was supposed to have and I got through it. I know it’s just pre-new-job-jitters, and once I get in front of the kids, and get into my rhythm…the sky’s the limit.

I do have to say that Marisa’s demo was really good! It’s the “genkiest” I’ve ever seen her. She had her stuff together…the worksheets, drills, transitions, and all of that stuff was on point. So, I guess the jitters didn’t really get to her. Nice work, Marisa-chan! After giving our demos, we dashed to Iidabashi Station and headed to Moriya to meet the BOE.

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