Ahh…Sweet Japanese Nonsense

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These are more silly videos from some really funny Japanese comedians, and after yesterday’s article, I had to do it.


This is a super short post. I just wanted to share a video of some of my favorite Japanese comedians being utterly silly. I always enjoy watching the Downtown/Gaki no Tsukai crew being downright silly. This is an older video of Matsumoto, Hamada, Yamazaki, Endo, and Tanaki really raising the silly bar on this one. For this game two teams of comedians had to compete to get marshmallows while having their faces pull in the opposite direction by a weighted rope (sounds fun, right):

This second game was funny in an outside looking in kind of way, when the comedians had to say a line as fast as they possibly could. If they failed the strap contraption hit them in the testicles:

Ahhh…Japanese comedy.

Donald Ash

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  • Petaris

    A lot of Japanese comedy shows leave me thinking WTF?!?! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t ever want to be a guest on one. lol 😛

    Have you seen the one where they beat the guys with these rubber bats if they laugh at a joke?

    There are only a couple that I have ever seen that I actually don’t mind. The one where they sit on a pile of ざぶとん (zabuton, or cushions for sitting on the floor) and if they make someone laugh they get another one and if they don’t they loose one.

    That and there is this one show where they do silly skits, and thats pretty funny to watch.

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