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Why advertise here?

If your focus is centered on teaching in Japan, traveling in Japan and/or Asia, if you’re interested in providing Japanese language assistance/services, have Japanese food or Asian dining-related ads, and the like, sponsoring this blog is the perfect content fit for you.

The Japan Guy is a comprehensive site about what life in Japan is like, and covers a wide range of topics that are indexed by Papa Google including:

*How to’s (i.e.-How to Use a Japanese ATM)
*Beating the Living Abroad Blues
*Teaching at a Japanese Public Elementary School
*Ten Initial Differences Between an Eikaiwa and Japanese Public Schools
*Tsukuba Matsuri 2011
*and more…

If you target an audience interested in any of the above or related topics, a sponsorship campaign may work well for you.

Japan Guy Statistics

The statistics below are taken from Google Analytics,, and WordPress Stats:

As of August 2012, here are some key Japan Guy stats:

Unique visitors: 18,000+
Unique visitor/day average: 675+
Page Views: 34,000+
No of Articles/Pages: 500+
Google Page Rank: 3
Alexa Rank: 50,336

How Do I Pay?

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Advertising Programs

This is the start of the Japan Guy Advertising & Sponsorship Program and there is currently one type of ad space available. It is highly likely that more zones will be added as the program develops:

The Prime Sidebar Banner 125 x 125 Ad

Cost: $35 Per Month
What you get: 1 site-wide 125 x 125 banner in the shared rotation in and a permanent text link in the footer under the “Featured Sites” heading.
Availability: 6 positions currently available

You will need to supply your own 125*125 pixel banner. JPEG or GIF are accepted, no animation. Please keep your file size low. You may change your banner at any time.



After your purchase, please be sure to send your banner (host it on your sever), text link anchor (the page that you want your ad to link to), etc. to

[email protected]

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