A Stained-Glass Window…at a Train Station?

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I ride the Tsukuba Express (TX) nearly everyday because my job isn’t within walking/bike-riding distance anymore 🙁 . I get off the train everyday at Moriya Staion and am usually dodging the oncoming onslaught of Tokyo commuters rushing to their morning train. Or, I’m leaving work, munching on an onigiri before hopping on the semi-rapid back to Tsukuba for the evening.

One day I was just taking my time to get back to the TX and although I’ve probably seen it about a dozen times, there was this beautiful, stained-glass window that captured my full attention. It was like I was seeing it for the very first time. For some, a stained-glass window in Moriya Station isn’t particularly interesting, but when you come from where I do, where people don’t take nearly as much pride in their public transportation as Japan does (sorry MARTA-Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority-but it’s true) it can be fascinating.

I was finishing up my day at work, and had my camera on me. So I decided to take a picture of this window. It had quite a calming effect on me. The reds, oranges, pinks, whites, blacks, and yellows were illuminated by sinking sun’s last rays of the day. I just stood there for a while thinking “This is so cool.” As with most things in Japan, my camera can only do so much justice. In person, things are a bit more breathtaking.

This is just one of hundreds of stations in Japan. I’ve seen some other cool decor at other stations I’ve been to as well. I’ll have to show you some of those pictures sometime, too. In the meantime, if you’re in a Japanese train station and you have the time, you might want to take a moment to look around you, because you just might find something amazing.

Until next time,

Donald Ash

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  • Wow, that’s awesome! Beautiful artwork!

    I really want to go to Japan…I tell everyone that I intend to someday, after my boys leave home. I’d go and work out as a guest in a dojo and eat boxed lunches…what are they called? Bento?

    Just a pipe dream right now.

    Did I tell you that one of my friends…a second degree black belt in my organization, is an English teacher in Taiwan?

  • Donald Ash

    I liked it too, Kim. Japan really is a beautiful place. Sounds like a cool dream of training and eating boxed lunches. YOU CAN DO IT!

    I didn’t know about your friend teaching in Tawian. That’s pretty cool.

  • Rick

    Hi Donald, the artwork is beautiful. I found your blog through a google search and you seem to explain in clear and concise terms what it means to live in Japan as a foreigner from the US. I look forward to reading more.

    • Donald Ash

      I am really glad to hear that, Rick. There is definitely more on the way. Please come back and post as much as you like. I love the input!

  • devin

    I love the water color painting look to it…so beautiful…it reminds me of the Japanese video game Okami.

  • Wow.. that’s pretty amazing. ^ ^ I’m the kind of person who loves finding random beauty in everyday places. I really appreciate you posting this. It’s funny because, when this was being made, you know someone must have put in the thought so that people would just look up and notice the windows. Just like you did today.

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