A Soaking Wet Commute to Work

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I can now understand why babies cry when they’re wet. It’s SUPER uncomfortable. You ever had soggy, wet socks before? It sucks when you have to wear those things all day because it’s the only pair you’ve got. Of course they dry, but not before making the soles of your feet look all wrinkled and unsightly.

Today, I had make my morning commute to Moriya in the pouring rain…officially the first time for this job. I donned my deep blue, rain suit pants (the jacket has some big holes in it) and rode my bike to the Tsukuba Express first, and only got slightly wet. I figured that hardest part would be the bike ride because as you’re riding the rain finds it way to your clothes.

When I got off at my station and started my short walk, the rain REALLY picked up. My shoulders were a little wider than the umbrella’s coverage so my arms were getting the worst of it. I was soaked! As the wind started to pick up my umbrella was rendered nearly useless. What’s the point of the umbrella if the wind is blowing all of the rain underneath it? I was wearing a brown suit coat and by the time I got to work the water had soaked my burgundy shirt underneath it (primarily on the sleeves). On the way to the school’s main entrance I stepped in this big puddle with, no galoshes. Just as I was about to say “oh crap.” One of the children said good morning. Instead of replying with “oh crap”** and a frown, and decided to force a smile and say good morning (it wasn’t the kid’s fault, right?). After that, the rest of the day went pretty smoothly.

Donald Ash

P.S.-Around your students, please try not to say any four-letter words you don’t want them repeating…because they pick up VERY quickly. I remember maybe about a year ago teaching the cutest little four year old named Itsuki. On my way to the classroom I dropped some stuff in the hallway and said “crap” (it’s like my catch phrase I guess). Little Itsuki then began to trounce down the hallway repeating “crap, crap, crap, crap.” Just be careful, lol.

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  • sorry to hear u got soaked.

    i was gonna sprint to the car but w/my daughter and all, i did the non environ friendly thing and bought an umbrella at the daiso shop. 🙁

    at least it was a cute one she liked and will use again!

    recently radiation is low, but rainy days – much higher levels. i think i posted s.thing about that on my blog.

    so don’t freak out or anything. a lil rain won’t kill you.

    but it sure helps keep the hair on your head….there?! 😛

    yeah…….my husband has one of those super light foldable suckers in his bag at all times, for when he is in tokyo. you can get it at joyful honda,e tc


  • yes…just listen to my daughter saying


    getting a total kick outta it

  • Alva

    I remember this one incident at my school.
    One of my student came up to me soon after I started teaching her class and she asked me, “Teacher, what does F***ing students mean?” with a most innocent way.
    I asked her,”Who said that?” with a smile hiding the growl.
    “My last teacher,” she answered.

    I wanted to kill the teacher!
    No wonder the class’ parents were so thrilled to have me as their teacher.

    I don’t remember how I came out of that situation, though….

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