A Quick Japan Guy Shoutout to Lukas G.!

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I don’t want to forget to do thiseThis is a late shout out to one Japan Guy reader that bumped into earlier this year. I was on my way to the grocery store when a pleasant, fellow with a cool accent stopped me and asked if I was the Japan Guy. I was humble on the outside “Why yes…yes I am” but I was feeling pretty great on the inside “WOO HOO! I’M FAMOUS!” However, when I remembered just how empty my wallet was, my mental clouds dissipated, my feet came back down to earth and I had a chance to shake hands with one of my readers. The young man’s name was Lukas and he thanked me for giving him some Japan, apartment hunting advice in 2011.

I’m always so grateful and so happy to meet people who get something from my blog. So I wanted to take minute to say “Thanks for the support, Lukas.”

Hell, now that I think about it thank ALL OF YOU out there who inspire me to keep writing. I hope I get to meet more of you guys someday.


Donald Ash

P.S.-Sorry to put you on the spot Lukas 😀

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  • LanceT

    Nice that you guys bumped into each other. I’m planning a week-long trip to Japan in October with some friends of mine and would definitely like drop by. If you have some travel suggestions, I’m all ears. 🙂

  • Donald Ash

    If you do end up coming this way, and I”m in town, I look forward to meeting you. If you have the resources, Kansai is an awesome trip (Kyoto). I can’t say that I’ve been everywhere in Japan, but I’ve seen some cool places here. I’d be glad to help you, Lance.

  • LanceT

    I definitely would like to hit up Kyoto. I was thinking of going there on Oct. 22nd for Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the Ages) and the subsequent night festival Kurama no Hi-Matsuri (Kurama Fire Festival). After which we would probably go stay a night in Hakone (possibly the place in your Hakone trip post) and then head to Tokyo to finish out the week.

    Links to the festivals:
    Jidai Matsuri
    Kurama no Hi-Matsuri

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