A One-Minute Drawing from a Future Japanese Illustrator

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Today I had to teach an English lesson about the phrase “What do you want to do?” it piggybacks off of last week’s lesson of “What do you want to be?” Yesterday’s class was extremely fun, because the kids really seemed to be enjoying what we were doing. I was having so much fun, that I nearly forgot to do one of the activities that I wanted to do. So we were down to the last two minutes of class and I had the students quickly put away their books and the homework that I just finished checking, and had them take out a pencil. I told them they would have exactly one minute to draw a picture of what they wanted to be (not the book answers…what they really wanted to be). “GO!” The children lowered their heads into their classic “I’m drawing and focused” positions and started drawing…furiously. I yelled “STOP!” I saw that one student was drawing just a little bit more after I called stop, but then she was done. The pictures were really good. the first student drew a picture of a woman speaking because she wants to be an announcer in the future. Another young man drew a picture of a bookstore because he wants to sell books. The final student’s picture was a picture of a woman drawing. It was really amazing because literally took her just over a minute to draw. This student, Hirona, wants to be an illustrator someday. Here’s what she drew:

Hirona drew this in about 60-seconds

Pretty good for just over a minute, right? Not only is Hirona an awesome artist, but she’s really a sweet kid. To be honest, this entire class is awesome. It’s so great when you NEVER have to say a single word to a child about behavior, because then all you have to do is focus on teaching. That’s what this class is like. They are all so great in their own ways, and I hope they all accomplish more than they could possibly imagine.

Needless to say, I was super impressed with Hirona’s drawing and I hope she accomplishes her goal, too. I hope to buy a manga of her’s someday.

Donald Ash

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  • Ed

    So what job did you take? or did you stick with Aeon. That picture really is good, I’d buy it.

    • Donald Ash

      I am still doing interviews, actually. I will be leaving Aeon for sure, though. It’s a great place to work (because there are some really great students there), but I need to make some changes. I’m glad you liked the picture, I thought it was really good, too. Thanks for your comments, Ed. I’ll be updating about the job situation sometime in the near future…I hope 🙂

      • Ed

        much luck, I interviewed for heart, I peeped your blog out as I was scouting them on the internet. I’m really interested in working with them and making in impact, you and Amanda have motivated me for the year. I really appreciate your contribution to human-kind. Hopefully I can make a one. Maybe one day we can all get up…

        • Ed

          omit the ‘a’ in the second to last sentence. It happens.

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