A Look Back At 50 Bad Video Game Voiceovers

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Did You See These?

A long while ago my friend Abasa posted this link on his Facebook page and it became a running gag between my co-workers and I.

We were trying to decide from this list, the best of the worst. I personally have to say numbers 46 (just because it’s EXTREME overacting), 40 (just listen for yourself and you’ll see why), 18, 16, 11, 9 (the actor seems to be having a tough time reading), and 3 made me laugh out loud. Dr. Light’s speech is pretty hilarious, too (it seemed like he kept forgetting his lines or something). I never realized how bad the Megaman 8 voice-over because the game was so amazing…one of my favorite Megaman games actually.

I know adding voices to video games was still in it’s infancy around this time, but looking back, some of these were really really terrible. So terrible that they’re memorable. The Resident Evil “Jill here’s a lock-pick. It might help if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you.” line is a classic. Nope…that’s not obvious at all, lol. The master of unlocking? Somehow…it seems so forced, lol. I don’t know how the creator could have possibly mad this number 50 on the list. Some of the others voice-overs poke at bad English pronunciation, but it’s all entertaining. It’s a mystery how some of these even saw the light of day. Video gaming has come a LOOOOooong way in a relatively short time.

Which of the Fifty are the funniest to you?

Oh and speaking of bad pronunciation, here’s one for you:

ALWIGHT! FIGHTO! “What Strength! But don’t forget there are many guys like you all over the world!” The super-thick accent is kinda funny.

One game that I thought did a fantastic job with voice-overs was the Metal Gear Series by Hideo Kojima. I’m definitely a fan of those games.

Donald Ash

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  • -facepalm- Yet again I wonder why I didn’t go into voice acting..

  • Anthony

    Some of those were pretty bad, but most were either funny as hell or just plain what the hell-ish lol

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