A Japan Guy Interview: “Life in Japan” featuring Tony Du (Parts 1 & 2)

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I had another opportunity to interview another expat that I know and respect, Tony Du. Tony has been an expat in Japan for more than five years now and I figure what better way to get another view on life in Japan than by asking someone who’s been here longer than I have. I think it’s also interesting to hear what Tony says about being an Asian-American in Japan.

Tony was at one time an AEON teacher as well, working in Tsukuba just like me. He has a lot of experiences to share, and I hope you enjoy the interview. If you have any questions for Tony, please leave them in the comments sections below. If he’s not able to come by to answer, I’ll email them to him. Thanks for watching:




Be sure to catch part three tomorrow 🙂

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Donald Ash

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  • candy

    Hey hey hey!!! Part one ain’t playing. wat’s up with that?

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