Garbage Pail Kids? In Japan? Really?

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I went to this store in IIAS, the largest mall in Kanto called Village Vanguard. I haven’t been in a US mall in quite some time, but there used to be a store called Spencer Gifts. This shop specialized in all things slightly/wholly crude and absurd. Village Vanguard, though maybe not as much on the crude side, definitely has a plethora of strange items and trinkets for sale. I couldn’t help it. I went inside and took a look around.

Funny DVDs, gag books, joke calendars, a** pencil sharpeners, afros, Dragonball Z hair, along with cute, plush toys, bags, hats, and other normal items to provide balance, made the browsing this store quite interesting. One thing that I found though really took me back down memory lane. I was at the checkout counter getting ready to buy some Haribo Gummies, because they’re awesome, and guess what I found?


No joke. For those of you who are 80’s kids I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t remember exactly how much they were or which series they are, but it was fun to see my macabre little friends again. I had to buy a pack (I want to say there were 12 cards inside). Here are some of the cards I got:

I'm gonna say 'Sawin Susan' is my favorite.

The classic puzzles and weird info on the backs of the cards

A closer look at the back of the cards

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  • Brenda

    Those are from the 15th series. They must have been repacked in Japan, because originally there were only 5 cards per pack. If you are still in Japan, search for Bukimi Kun: those are the japanese Garbage Pail Kids and are very hard to find outside Japan.

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