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It’s time for another quick and fun Japan Guy Quiz! I don’t know how many of you are Dragonball fans, and admittedly I can’t I’m a Diehard fan, but I am a fan. I came across these cool, limited edition, Dragonball sodas, and I was INSTANTLY interested. So here’s the quiz. I will show you 9 different soda cans, and I want you to guess which Dragonball character the can’s bust belongs to.

If you’re a die-hard fan, try to guess without cheating (going to another site) and without looking at the options below. If you’re a moderate fan match the names below with the respective cans on the screen. If you’re not a fan, feel free to guess and test your supernatural ESP powers (you’ll at least get one right for sure).

Which Dragonball Character is which? Match the names below to the cans above!

Yajirobe ヤジローベ

Krilin クリリン

SonGoku (Goku) 孫悟空

Tenshinhan 天津飯

Bulma ブルマ

Pilaf ピラフ

Yamucha ヤムチャ

Kame-sennin (or Master Roshi) 亀仙人

Shenlong 神龍

I’ll post the answers to this one tomorrow, gang! GOOD LUCK

Donald Ash

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  • Orrin Heath

    Earlier in the summer there were Dragonball Z cans. Just recently they were switched to the Dragonball cans.

  • Natsukashiiiii~
    I used to be a huge fan like … over 10 years ago, so I might totally screw up, but here we go:

    Pilaf – #1
    Yamucha – #2
    Shenlong – #3
    Son Goku – #4
    Krilin – #5
    Tenshinhan – #6
    Bulma – #7
    Master Roshi – #8
    Yajirobe – #9

  • Chrisak4298

    Tooo easy.
    1 emperor pilaf
    2 yamucha
    4 son goku
    5 krillen

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