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1. WHOOOOSH!!! I freeze. I can hear the sound of my own heartbeat pounding in my head. I come to the shocking realization that had I walked just two inches further I could have been…
Today got off to a super scary start. I almost got taken out by a car right in front of my apartment. I am SUUUUUPPPPER lucky. I woke up at about 4:45 am, because I wanted to go for a run from 5:00-6:00 just before work. It’s Friday, and my apartment smells awful. Yep, it must be burnable garbage day (remember, Japan recyles). I put on my running gear, grab my headphones, ipod, and the trash and walk out the door. It’s only slightly cool, ideal running weather.

I put my headphones in and turned them on. I put my trash in the collection area in front of my apartment. I walked towards the street, and thought nothing of it. I stepped off the curb with one foot and the minute I stepped off the curb with my other foot, I felt the whish of a silver BMW blow past me (it was really fast!). The BMW’s wheels were literally close enough to scrape the front of my shoes. I stood there completely still for about two full minutes…

What happened? Well, there is this wall by the trash collection area of my apartment that keeps the driver from seeing you until it’s too late, and prevents the pedestrian from seeing the driver until it’s too late. Had I been hit, it would have been my fault for not paying closer attention. But I don’t think the driver was paying attention either.

This another one of those moments where if my bladder had been full, it wouldn’t have been anymore. There was not time to be angry or worried or anything. It all happened so fast that all I had time to do…was stop dead in my tracks (if you’ll pardon the expression).

2. After my run, I was exhausted and when I got home I accidentally dozed on my living room floor for a bit. When I got up I saw that I was running a bit late, so I got on my bike and hastily made my way to the station. I had left the apartment later than this before, so I figured I was safe. I didn’t rush, at all. I parked my bike and walked to my platform. The rapid Tsukuba Express train headed to Akihabara. I heard the tune that lets everyone know that the train is about to depart. I was a little more than halfway down the stairs and saw the train just in front of me. I ran for it! I stepped on to the train with exactly 3 seconds (if you count one…one-thousand, two…one-thousand, three-one). It was such a close call that several of the passengers laughed in amusement.

3. I get off the train and through the mass of commuters I see this man standing at the other end of the platform. He’s dressed in all black, which I thought was a little weird with it being spring and all. He’s glaring at me…menacingly. He raises a black-gloved, index finger pointing at me. I think maybe he’s looking at someone else. So I touch my chest in disbelief and mouth “Me?” He slowly nods his head as an evil smirk smears across his face. In a flicker he’s moved from the other end of the platform to within one inch of his right fist connecting with my chest, just over my heart. Without thinking I parry a rather powerful punch with the knife of my right hand, grab his wrist, and with a circling step and push from my left hand , I put him on the floor. I control him by dropping my left knee into his back. I absorb just enough energy from the air to enhance the power in my left hand (absorbing too much creates fire or God knows what else). I touch his back. Hehehe, he’ll be out for a few mintues. I walk to work…

Okay, so maybe number three isn’t true, but the first two are, and the first was rather scary.

Please be careful is you’re walking around in Japan. I personally knew two co-workers who had been hit by cars while living here in Japan…seriously. They weren’t hurt, but it could’ve been much worse.

Whew…I’m glad this day done.


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  • devin says:

    Okay when I read #3 I was getting a little bit skeptical but why do you take advantage of my gullibility!? Bad Donald!! Anyway be careful…that driver has to be more careful…driving is a privilege..not a right!

    • Donald Ash says:

      Hee hee hee. Sorry Devin. I couldn’t resist the urge. But I will definitely have to be more careful out there. Thanks!

  • Nanami says:

    Donald you’re naughty = =; I’m so gullible I almost believed you ran into a gangster on #3.

  • Nanami says:

    Oh, I agree. *laughs*

  • Donald D. Ash says:

    Glad to know that you’re o.K. Bud. Be careful there in Japan. For a minute I thought that you might have been in a Japan drive-by. (LOL).

    • Donald Ash says:

      I’m glad too, Dad! I’ll definitely have to be more careful. Nope, no Japanese drive-bys…not yet, anyway 🙂

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