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You gotta check this out if you’re an manga fan. Even if you’re not a manga fan I think you’ll appreciate it. This manga is called When I saw how realistic it looked, my mind was transported back to the 80’s. Remember that video “Take On Me?” (I know somebody just sang the entire chorus to that song in their just now, or maybe even out loud). That was one of my favorite MTV videos because is was remarkably original. The reason why I thought of that video after looking at this manga was because the “Take On Me” video was the story of this real-life woman going into the coming book world and meeting the man of her dreams.

This Yusuke Murata comic is very different in that it’s almost like Take On Me’s opposite. This time the comic is reaching into the real world. This webcomic is a comic of two comic book artists, making a comic, and going into world of the comic they’re creating (WHEW!). I’ll be the first to admit that I am an anime fan. I wouldn’t say that I’m an over-the-top fan, though. I don’t know every artist who writes every manga, but I do have an appreciation for it. I also know enough to know that I’ve never seen anything this creative done with a comic book before.

I honestly don’t know the name of this comic, but it so cool because Yusuke isn’t using rocket science, it’s simple yet clever concept twist. Using, cutouts, white out, lamps, and paper folding, Yusuke breathes an element of life into manga that I’ve never seen before.

A friend of mine mentioned this comic a couple of months ago and I thought it was the coolest thing. You have to check this out. Click the picture to go to the comic:

An amazing comic by Yusuke Murata

I don’t think it’s completely finished yet, but even the pencil concepts look pretty cool!

Donald Ash

P.S.-Yes, I am a nerd.

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  • Hey I adore manga too! There are some pretty interesting ones out there if you look a lil off the beaten path. One of my favorites is 1/2 prince which was originally a story… but it’s a manga about video gaming in the future. xD It’s pretty cute.

    I’ll have to check this guy out 🙂

  • Donald Ash

    Cool stuff, right. I am Naruto fan all day long. I admit I’ve been avoiding other mangas and animes lately, because I know just how addictive they can truly be.

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